Saturday, August 2, 2008

......where are u?

I don’t feel like sharing anything with you. I felt so isolated from Singapore. Not because of distance but it’s because of you.

I have heard of many people that travel the world. They take few years. after they return to their country, they would decide to pack up, migrate and leave their motherland after knowing that the new country they are going to reside has much better living condition than their current country. Initially I felt such act was very selfish. They travel the world and should bring their experiences back to their motherland and share with all the people. now I know why they migrate. it was because there is really nothing much worth back in their motherland to be missed or loved.

it is now 0124hrs (-3GMT). I can’t sleep in the ship that felt like earthquake running 24hrs. I think of my friends and loved ones in Singapore. I felt isolated. Having this blog is my only communication to you for keeping the relationship going. I want to share with you about my joy, experience and rough times.

Are you listening? I hope so.

I’m starting to lose my friends back in Singapore.
Where are you? What are you doing now? Recently anything funny happen? How’s your job other than being busy? When are you getting married? How’s your parent? Can your baby start talking now? How’s your new bike?

Such two way communication makes me stronger to continue the trip, making my way back home to see you again.

I loved what I had back in Singapore. I always listened to the 881 soundtrack. it makes me so homely. at times, I would view the picture of my friends in Singapore and try to make many email to many friends in Singapore to keep the relationship going.

other than busy, you are still busy with work. same shit different day?

yes, you may think that I have no job now, so free to travel, you can say that I have a lot of time doing all this blog or email stuff. I have been through the busy days when I was managing my own business. 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. I would still look for you and spend time drinking, chatting, doing fun things together but enjoyed every moment together.

where are you now my friend? we used to drink till late night and endless topic. we had laughter and more laughter together. during your wedding we attended and glad that you invited us for celebration when your baby was a month old. you want to make your day filled with friends and to share your joy with me, not because of the red packets and the present you received from me but also seeing me, as a friend to be happy with you, a good day for celebration. when you have your new bike we gladly meet and view about your new bike. when there is a good movie or a new pub filled with pretty girls you will call me up to fix a date for it.

Now, I SMS and emailed you and there isn’t any reply, not for days but for months, till now.

Stupid blog had made us went searching for internet café in every new city and pay money to update you. I do not mind doing this. I want to share with you.

There is only one way communication. I don’t mind. I hope you are still alive.

I felt something is missing, something important in my life, which is you.

I’m worried. Our relationship has become thinner.

Sam starts to dream about her friends. You started to appear in my dream lately and heavily.

We still want to go back to Singapore and stay. It’s my homeland. The society had given me so much things, not in money value but in value. Although we been through so many countries that could be a candidate for migration, I still put the idea off because I want to go back Singapore to see my loved ones and be with you. I want to be in Singapore to share with you, in person, about everything.

where are you my friend?

where are you?


Johan said...

I'm still reading your blog and marvelling at your progress. Keep up the good work.

Jo-han aka gohjohan of SingaporeBikes Forum

singaporedream said...

hi johan.

thanks for being there. we apprciate u looking at our blog. now i know there are people out there, espically fellow singaporean viewing my progress or trip. our freighter reached rio de janiero today. went to copacobana beach. nice sand but bad sky. rainy season here.

we can meet up when i come back to singapore ok?

Anonymous said...

you dont know me but i have been reading this blog since day one. i got to know you from the newspaper article.
now i am posted to london and supporting you from UK.
dont hallucinate my pal, you have loads of friends out there everywhere.

Szewei said...

Yo Goh! where's your happy go lucky attitude..heehee.. u miss home lah.. some updates from home, taxi fare now must pay extra 30 cents for each ride. Kan-ni@#$ Jams in roads here seem to be getting worse. National day is this saturday! new movies on ge-tai (similar to 881) call 12 lotus (translate to hokkien), money no enough 2 is showing.. no arborist work request for me..sigh..

grandma said...

Hi Goh!

Nice to know that you have landed safely in SA. Congratulations!

Want you to know that we are constantly thinking of both of you.

The annual SSA Friendship meeting is on 31 Aug 10am at Jurong Kaikan.

How I wish you two can join us again this year. No worries will save a souvenior for you.

Just return from Bangkok - makan trip. Bangkok is not cheap anymore! Sian la!

grandma said...

oops! forgot to tell you that we are also chanting for your safety.

Remember to make friends and not enemies:-)

Remember the phrase NAM MYOHO RENGE KYO..... chant this phrase whenever you feel lonely or think of home :))

monococque said...

mi've been reading since ur depart from Singapore....a member from
be very very strong ya...mentally and physically!
i truly admire u guys

singaporedream said...

Raymond: thanks for following! now we realised that there are even more friends out there since day one.

thanks alot for supporting!

singaporedream said...

Sze Wei:
i want to watch a few show when i come back. 12 lotus, money not enough 2(have been telling my french friend about how i like spore movie),also stephen chow 'CJ 7'. taxi $ go up because oil $ go up. oil up because there are some big ass hole behind this monopoly, you know who are they?

singaporedream said...

Grandma! good to hear from u. and John! the word bangkok made me fly back to 7 years ago where we met in the plane. its really fate that made us know each other. we have discuss many thing with friends around the world about religon. we get to know about something in common and some facts. will share with you when we come back. thanks for reading and chanting for us! we are very safe under ur voice.

singaporedream said...

monococque: thanks for reading. i want to contact simon soh and those buddies that help me on my wedding day. i want to sent a DVD of my wedding to them. simon always so busy.
we not mentally strong lah, just able to survive abit everyday, not struggle or successful. in hokkien we say 'ay dong' means able to survive.

miao said...

hello!!! juz logged into friendster and saw ur message and realised u have this blog. lolz. sorry for being so slow la. me got tink of u guys leh. everything i meet anthony and the rest i will ask them where u r and how ur progress is.

jia you!! (:

heartbreak said...

hi there
dont despair. though I may not know you but have been reading your blog even before you embark on your RTW trip.

do remember, you have many readers - some you know, some you dont. some will respond some will not.

guess I am one of those who had been reading your blog with no "sound". keep up the good work!

your journey has inspired us a lot but what to do, it is still the dollar and cents that hold us back and not being able to do what you are doing.

keep your blog alive!

singaporedream said...


sometimes i dream of the band room during my trip. i guess i miss u folks.

sometimes i dream of funeral, guess i must be missing somebody.

plese help me to pass this blog among our friends bcoz they might think that im busy with my business which i gave up and now jobless.

miss the times we at bbq.

singaporedream said...

heartbreaker: thanks for reading. i started with S$3 with my business. i had this plan to do business partly becoz i want to go for the trip and it had given me the funding. when someone is established in business, do u think we will give up because of the burning desire in my heart for the trip? i will. anyone can do a trip like mine regardless of $ or family background. it's the fire in our eyes. when i come back spore i want help more bikers to live their dream. you will be one of them. you can do it!

tinaamro said...

I dont know if u still remembered. I am one of the 3gals u bumped to in Würzburg, Deutschland. So nice reading your blog. My blog is too, filled with crap for my Mummy dearest...(my frens have been complaining it is filled with self-portraits, but i don't care).
Come to my blog if you want to know more abt Fests around Rheinland Pfalz

singaporedream said...

hi tinaamro: of coz we remember 4 of u! with one guy!
until now, no one has broke your record. you 4 are the only singaporean we talked to on this trip.

hope to hear more comment from u!

Karin and Sem said...

Dear Sam and Goh

I got very sad reading this entry and it got very glad reading this entry: Why? Travelling now for more than 2 years and 9 months we experience the same than you. Good friends - even family - friends, with which you have shared nice parties, good talks, friendship forever, don't answer anymore on emails and you are loosing contact to home... It is a fact. Sad and scary and you are starting thinking, that you could settle somewhere else - maybe somewhere with more sun - as we don't have so much warm days in Switzerland. And then you start thinking of what is important for you and you realize, that it is people and above all your family and friends (which you had, when you were home!!!) We have talked to many long-time travellers so far and everybody has this same experience with loosing contact with friends and even family. Why? We can just guess why: Your friends are at home, they are working hard days, they get up at 6, they come home at 7 or later, they eat, they sleep - they are a busy person. And then they have this friends, which are now travelling for such a loooong time - every day they have adventures, new things - amazing things. and then they write this emails to me: how are you, what you are doing, how is your child, your grandma, bla, bla - and what should i answer as a person with just ordinary life??? No amazing stories, just normal, boring. But as we know, Sam and Goh, that's exactly what we - we long-time-travellers - want to read> NORMAL THINGS, like - i got up, i went to the store, my child has now 2 teeth, my grandma's birthday was lovely... but for the people at home it's nonesense, boring and so they stop writting you... and as you kow, Sam and Goh, yes - it takes some time to sit down, write this email to your friends and telling "boring" stuff, so i'd better leave it - i will do it tomorrow and time is running. And after some months they probably think - oh, it's so much to write, i'll do it tomorrow. We think, it must be like that - some other travellers think the same. What's your explanation?

Dear Sam and Goh, it was so good to our hearts to read your entry. To hear once more, that long-time-travellers suffer the same as we do!

Go on, Sam and Goh, we enjoy reading your blog, we know how it is at every arrival in a new city - looking for an internet place to upload picture, taking time to write these stories. We kow!

Sadly we didn't meet here in Santiago.

Looking forward to hearing from you next stories.

Karin and Sem