Monday, August 25, 2008

hard times

remembering when i started my business...

i had no worker but a part time malay neighbour.
i had no truck but a broken one loan from peter.

i had a $ project. there's a methodist school in dover road. the teacher came to me and wanted to have a potted plant display for their school event. i went down, show her what i am going to display during the day (with pictures) and she agreed with it and also the price.

actual day, i loan the truck from peter and that malay part timer play me out by not attending. i was alone buying the plants, loading, sending and brought over 100 potted plants to the school. each i have to clean and carry all over the school. it was tiring but worth... anyway it's my own business.

the teacher came to me, saying: my principle doesn't like the plants.

i tried to convince her but she say principle dont like.

shit... i bought the plants by cash and now she say the principle don't like it. it was her that made the decision and now she push the power to the principle. i should talk to the principle in the first place as she couldnt make the decision in the end.

that fucking OM (operation manager) of that school, try to put power on me, giving me faces, telling me to get off with these plants.

the agreement had made by the teacher and now the OM and principle ask me to fuck off?! what the hell world is this?

lan lan, suck cock. i have to please them to the plants i bought for them. it was the agreed items from the teacher in charged.

what to do...

they did not want to pay if i change the plants. i was alone, cleaning all the stuff, carring all the heavy pots one by one and it seems like they are 'takan' me. is this how a methodist school treat fellow human being?!

i bought extra plants to please them. they accepted it but still not happy.

after the event, they ask me to take back the plants and they don't want it. they say it's ruining their function.

what the Hell?

after eating, saying the food not nice and dont pay?!

after much persuation, like me sucking their cock, they pay me at my COST PRICE! lost $, lost time.

lesson learn


seeprompt said...

I am not a business guru, however I have noticed that what makes a customer happy is the ability to read between the lines of their request to meet (and sometimes exceed) their expectations. Although temptingly convenient, throwing in more money may not be the answer every time.

For example, say a customer approached me for advice and quotation to change the colour of the front door of their house. I would try to strike up a conversation to gather information. If I discover that they are preparing for a wedding, I would make an effort not to choose a colour or date that might offend the family based on their cultural/religious beliefs. And I’ll make a point not to forget to use paint that is meant for outdoors. Hopefully my example made sense.

It seems to apply to projects assigned by boss and/or colleagues too. Perhaps that is the key to separate and stand out of the rest in terms of “quality service”.

Personally, I have found that when it comes to business there is no such thing as sympathy. When there is (a lot of) money involved, almost everyone is only interested in the results and not the effort put in.

P.S. Offering oral sex, as compensation to someone working in an institution with religious affiliation might not help improve customer satisfaction.

singaporedream said...

dear seeprompt,

i agree what u said. its the human relationship that keeps all going. when someone does a work for me i dont give such emotions to them. i was treated like a shit. through this incident, i learn. also the term (suck cock) does not mean oral sex in Singapore language. i means that we have to obey every thing that was ordered no matter what happen regardless of personal emotion. job has to be done. we shall have a cup of coffee. thanks for your advise