Thursday, January 13, 2011

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Sorry guys. i know it's a little disappointing. i want to tell you the last part of our trip where we ride with Honorable Tunku Hassan of Johor and the bikers night with him.

It's near Chinese New Year corner, 3rd of February for this year. I'm rushing for a few landscape jobs.

I got tired when I got home at 11pm. it would be a blessing if i can reach home at 8pm daily.

Waking up at 7am is a torture to me. It seems like 7 hours of sleep is never enough.

Where is my time with Samantha?

Where is my time with my friends?

There are still many friends that we wanted to meet after we come back to Singapore for the last 5 months.

We really regretted that one of our trip supporter, Hii Chun Hui, had passed away. We did not get a chance to meet up with him after we come back. he is a year younger than me.


Is building up my business really that important?

Someone told me:

now you just started my business, it's already something positive that you have landscape jobs on hand. Being busy is a good thing, better than nothing. Else you have to work for somebody. It's always the most difficult at the start of the business.

Is that so important? what we are concerned now is that what we want in our life?
what good do we do to the society by being so busy?

what about our loved ones?

For those that are not in Singapore, let me introduce the popular Singapore Dream to you which is the 5C:

Credit Card
Country Club membership

It arose as a popular joke based on certain truths attesting to the unstated Singaporean cultural ethos of materialistic obsession and aspiration to achieve these things in order to impress others, both socially, economically and sociologically. - extracted from's_of_Singapore

Let us get out of this rat race first.

We want to publish a book: base on the inspiration we got from the 30 months trip.

I need a sleep now......

Saturday, January 1, 2011

How we got our bike out of the Malaysia customs.

From 29 november 2010 posting:

So now… we are at risk. We paid him 3 million rupiah, we leave Indonesia and he could retain the bike in Indonesia for sale or even ship to other countries. We do not have any proof.

16 July 2010, the bike is supposed to arrived in Malaysia. We called that Orchid Shipping contact number given to us… it was not Orchid Shipping. It was not a correct number.

Oh no…

When we reached to shore of Malaysia, we knew that we were home. Everything looked so familiar. Never in our 2 and half years, we would feel so confident on what is ahead of us.

Hope Too is behind us. We took a few big boxes with us to Malaysia. With our full riding gear on, I have to move 2 aluminium cases, 1 red bag, 1 tank bag and that excludes our own helmet and riding gear. Look at the picture. If there is a trolley, it would be an easy job.

Entering the Malaysian custom, we feel the smell. The local custom officers were very stern about Indonesians coming into Malaysia. We felt the difference. As I entered the land of Malaysia, I wanted to get a white card, an immigration card to be filled up but the office is in a mess because I was the only one on the ferry that needed this card. The wait was about 30 minutes for the officers to get me a card as I requested if not, they will as me to enter Malaysia without the card, then I would have big issue when I exit Malaysia.

Port Klang is very new to us. Local said that the nearest budget hotel is walking distance. Yes, I walked for 45 minutes with my full gear and certainly lost some fluid from my body. First time ever, we stayed in a Malaysia hotel! We felt so homely!

Dinner was served by Chinese; Hotel was handed by Indian; Custom office was controlled by Malay. This is Malaysia!

We had our first bak kut teh (pork rib soup) and set for the night.

The next morning, we phoned that ‘Orchid Shipping’ and it happened to be a household number! No such number for shipping agency! The moment of cheated came to me.


We quickly went to the address given by the taxi. Luckily the office exists! There is still Hope Too.

Sam videoed down the process of Hope Too being unloaded and suddenly the security officer came and raised his voice on us: blah blah blah.

He was certainly rude and bossy. We have to kept our humble, knowing that our motive here is just to get Hope Too out. Look at the video.

After the bike landed, we found that Hope Too was vandalized with some spray marks. Maybe they are too friendly. They tattooed their boat name onto Hope Too. Oh no, Hope Too was molested on boat when we were not around. I was angry but have to keep cool.

It was the first time that the port officer handed a Singapore registered motorcycle from Indonesia to Malaysia. He didn’t know what to do. We have to follow him to talk to his boss. We have to tell his boss what to do too but at the same time, respect his authority. His boss was very nice, giving us his name card, saying that if we have any problem, just call him. He was really a boss.

Here we go, we came back to Malaysia without having a stamp on our carnet (CPD).

Along the way from Port Klang to Malacca, we met a singapore bike and happened that he was Sam, a senior biker that I knew I him 10 years ago. He was the first Singaporean biker that we met.

Sam and I were so excited to reach Malacca. When we reached Crystal’s chicken rice shop, we knew that we made it.