Thursday, September 11, 2014

Singapore sucide case due to child's university fee

I had a busy day and night yesterday and reached home about 1120pm. Thinking to have a quite time alone with a beer at the coffeeshop.

Time wasn't alone when I met 3 senior residents, in their early 50s and they chat about heroic deeds.

My conversation with one of them started about the 3 funerals in our estate and Mr S, shared with me about his sad story regarding one of his personal friend.

His friend in late 40s committed suicide by jumping off.

Owe debt of $40k due to gambling.

Why gamble? Because he wanted to get quick money to pay off daughter's university fee of more than $10000.00.

Mr S shared with me that they are a group of friends that are always willing to help one another. If his friend would come and talk to them about this issue, they would surely helped him out with this sum of money.

During the funeral, Mr S arranged about 40 of his friends to contribute $50 every month until she graduate. That exclude personal contribution to the funeral (white gold). This money is able to help the daughter to pay off the university fee and living allowance until she graduate.

I am so touched about these people, they are in their late 40s and early 50s, willingly reaching out to personal friends when in need.