Sunday, August 24, 2008

Piston jam

We found this along the highway. this was one of the many that we found, each different sizes. some drivers stopped over and went to it. this is the backview. guess what is looked something similar to the TPK of singapore. whats TPK?

did u know in argentina

the beer is very cheap! about S$1.50 for a bottle of 970ml!!! it taste good.
the petrol is S$1.50 per liter... not bad.
we use a travel guide book that was published in 2004. it wrote about S$12.00 for a room but when we reach here... it was about S$45-60. can believe it in 4 years it rose so much

we reached salta. many bolivian faces. we just traveled for another 300km and i had to top up half liter of engine oil into Hope Too. please advise what could have happen? yesterday we travelled 500km and halfway i also topped up half liter. im crusing at 4500rpm at 105km/hr.

piston going to jam anytime....

please please advise...

s 24 deg 47.529´
w 065deg 24.732´


contrarian said...

Before 2002, the Argentine peso was pegged 1-to-1 against the US dollar. Then the unsustainable peg died and the whole Argentine economy went into a period of adjustment, with a big devaluation in the peso. You should rely on more recent price guides as they have changed much over the last six years.

singaporedream said...

yo contrarian. it was sad about the latin america politics. after travel, singapore seems so good. its nice to travel for holiday but hard to live here. what u doing in latin america then?