Thursday, August 21, 2008

after 40days of rest!

at last, we are on the road. after 40days of rest on boat and dakar motos. it's hard to say goodbye to friends at dakar motos espicially Fabris, the French, where we spent time together in boat and dakar motos. he advised us on many things and is like our big brother. thank you fabris, today when we hugged i don't know what to say to u. too emotional.also Javiar, Sebestian and Robin, i'm really sorry that we have to say goodbye. thanks for all the things you folks had given us. when will we meet again?

along the way to our next stop, Cordoba, we stopped along a petrol station. saw a local news about riot of the locals with the policemen there, and some were killed. we decided to stopped nearer at Rosario, the birth place of Che Guevara.

good thing about argentina, internet is every where. most cafe has free wifi. our room now also have a free one! even we have to pay at cyber cafe, it cost 10 times less than Italy. i can't believe it. Italy? or even some part of europe is so advance and it's so expensive! we gonna spend more time and $ here in Latin America.

6 months not enough.

did u know: the arborigist of latin america came from asia? about 20000years BC. they cross from siberia to alaska and came down to peru. that's why Bolivian people looks very Mongoloid. like me. those blonds came from europe during the world war as refugees. the nigros came here because of slavery in 1600s-1700s.

asian history... so thick.

keep u guys update tomorrow if we can find internet 600km away.

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