Monday, August 4, 2008


hi guys. im back.

our freighter are loading some vehicle in Rio de Janeiro so we have a day to the city.

may advice us that its a very touristic place. 'bad people' will wait for u at the hotel door. as soon as any tourist come out they will be nab!

we had advice to keep all rings, watches, cameras at home when scrolling down this city.

we had half a day here and it was like a sunday afternoon in Shenton way of singapore.

still too early to talk.

when we were in victorial, the previous port. there isnt much touristic stuff to see but we enjoyed! we were with our french friend which speak good portugese, we were approched by people while having a drink, having a meal and queing up to pay. they talk and chat like a old friend to us. i didnt understand but can see that they are very true people.

we enjoyed the people! it's the people that makes the place difference. we are starting to feel and learn something.

we may unload hope too in argentina during Singapore national day. it marks a day for singapore too!

we love it!

we may consider to buy another camera. the current one has some problem with new battary and u see black dots in my picture? im using canon A570 powershot.

any suggestion?

goh and sam


singapore2poland said...

hi again:-)
we don't use the Gps at all, so can't give you any waypoints as for now. We came from russian island Sachalin up to port Vanino, than to Khabarowsk and Chita, and from Chita to Mongolian border. Road is not so bad, although boring. no asphalt.
Anyway how are you getting to China? do you need guides etc???

Johan said...

Black dots in the camera could mean dust inside the lense or the sensor. Have to send to a professional camera repair to get it fix.

Hope we can meet up when you come back 'cos I didn't get to see you off on your journey at Clementi.

singaporedream said...

hi Izabela and Kamil,

we have been following your trip also. from there we get a rough idea on how russia is.
about china, we still fixing documents and some help from friends.
will update on blog if we do it successfully. want to visit my father birth place!

singaporedream said...

Johan, we are trying hard. hard to find a place to repair. even we leave it, will need to wait for a few days to bring it back, which means we have to stay longer and $$$ lost. well, this is part of the game, enjoy while waiting. we just counted our $, we cannot stay in South america long! really need to get back spore in 10 month's time!