Sunday, March 16, 2014

King Albert Park Mac Donald's new development is...

Certainly, there are good memories about King Albert Park for me.

I think belonged to the X/Y Generation.

There, you could witness the Ang-Mo-Bengs, the Bengs that wanna be, smoking, cursing in English and that would be their hang out place.

Our favorite hangout place after every Wednesday Band Practice in Ngee Ann Poly will consist of a walk to KAP. After I had my bike license, it seems that it is impossible for me to park the bike at the basement carpark, even there are lots for motorbike. Ending up having traffic fine for parking at the pavement.

I ever tried testing their ordering system and managed to break it, once.

Going there for studies seems impossible.

That is also the place where the nearby JC students would go.

Today, seeing many young couples going to take picture. I believe that is the place that they first meet, they date and these couples spend their time together.

They are closing at 1159pm and it is really crowded.

KAP is a place to hang out, bring communication and connection between friends closer. It is an activity place where we would remember.

We could see the happy crowd coming, they bring faces of smile. The frequency is there, not to collect debts but have a happy ending.


This hang out place has been sold $150 million.

we will have nothing for a few years, but looking at the Developer's website, there will be a basement+2 floors of commecial units. that include F&B. 40 restaurants, over 60 shops and a huge basement supermarket.

looking at the proposed plan, the ingress and egress route will be kept.

Also, there will be residences, from 1 bedroom to 5 bedroom.

sorry, I'm not selling anything here.

If you are the owner of this place, will you want to make this decision?

Monday, March 3, 2014

imported goods are better?

I am sick of the culture.

yes, culture, in work, in the society.

Esp in an asian country, when an organization engaged a white person, it means that the organization is well to do?

sorry, i am not agains the white, but I'm referring to the mental of the organization leadership.

i quote:

1st August 2010, Goh Mia Chun.


Do you understand what i mean?

Friday, January 24, 2014

The Scoopy and Fino Route in North Thailand. Day 1/7

The Scoopy and Fino Route


Samantha sent an email to all of our friends we met during our round the world trip for a Christmas greeting. Thor Anderson replied:

You look good in the Santa Clause hats.  Jerry and I will be at the HU meeting in Chiang Mai in January.  If that’s in your plans it would be nice to see you there.
Have a great 2014.

That email and sent a signal to the siren to activate the alarm in the house. We were so excited that Thor and Jerry will be coming to Chiang Mai this year for the biker’s meeting on 10 and 11th January.
During our round the world trip and we reached Chiang Mai, that’s where we first met Thor and Jerry.

We continued our trip, few months later we were in Germany and we met both of them again.
We continued our trip, few months later we were in San Francisco, staying with Thor!

2 amazing gentlemen that we have met and we would want to met again. Both of them are close to 80 and are still riding around, I mean tough off beaten track rides!
Ideas came into my mind on how to go Chiang Mai again meeting Thor and Jerry since we did it many times with our bike. We considered:

Taking Hope 2.0, that will lead us 8 days up and down the highway from home, repair and maintenance for such big rides, expenses for riding up and down the 8 days, risk of road usage for the 8 days and the same experience we are going through. Do we still want to have the kind of appraisal from the locals and friends saying: Wao, you rode a motorcycle from Singapore to Chiang Mai? 

Nope, that’s not our main objective.

Taking our truck up north: yes, that’s a brand new adventure but lots of red tape crossing the Singapore – Malaysia border. No thanks.
Flying to Chiang Mai? Do what? Just 2 nights to meet them and back? Shall we do something more worth while?


The research started off when we really decided to buy air tickets 1 week before leaving. Flight from Singapore to Chiang Mai cost RM825 per person, round trip and has limited flight dates. So we chose 5th January, Sunday morning and back on 11th January, Saturday evening. It was a little tight because Samantha had an important gathering on 12th January, Sunday morning.

We have 7 days and 6 nights to spend, look at google map on the border mountains between Myanmar and Thailand, making sure those towns were not mentioned in any of the travel guide, look at routes that were not along the main road, link the points together, calculate 4-5 hours of riding per day, look at bike rental pricing in Chiang Mai and decide on the best machine.

Day 1, Sunday.
Early flight, took a taxi to the airport, had a posh Hong Kong salty noodle with luncheon meat, took our record setting journey from Singapore to Chiang Mai with a time of 2 hours and 45 minutes, took a local taxi at standard rate of RM15 to Coocase
We contacted Leslie, the Coocase distributor of Thailand and he had a few machine for rent and all of the machine comes with Coocase.

What so cool about Coocase? I didn’t realized it, and neither Leslie pay me to advertise for his product.

It comes with interchangeable top color, inner protection liner for your helmet, special locking system, USB charging system, remote lock and alarm for some selected models. We picked up 2 new bikes (less than 4000km mileage), automatic gear, 4 stokes and lots of compartment.
Honda Scoopy Prestige 110cc (AKA: The black one)
Yamaha Fino 115cc (AKA: The yellow one)

RM15 per day per bike rental fee.
RM3 per day for insurance against thief and accident (see their foot notes)
Located at: N18 48.164 E98 57.913
Lesson learnt: Bring your own helmets

Our route:

To the north, enjoy what the local is enjoying, see the least tourist polluted places before it gets polluted with recommendation from travel guide, ride slow so that we can see more things and enjoy the view, the moment and more photo opportunity. Hardly we would want to pay and enter any tribe villages to visit the tribe, it’s not so real as we feel like the same visiting a zoo. Not saying that they are animal but, its just not real! Can you imagine, after the visiting hours in those tribe village, they undress the tribe costume, go to the rear of the ticketing center, punch card, ride their motorcycle back to their home surfing internet? Maybe I’m a little imaginative.

We have not much issue with handling the black and yellow one on the highway @ 60-70km per hour, as there will not be much highway riding on this 7 days route.
This is the usual route to the Mae Hong Song, not for us this time. Anyway, Mae Hong Song is not the only place with 1864 curves.

Stop by this place:

N19 22.348 E98 56.900

Nice garden, good coffee.

After 90km, the fun starts! Nice scenery, comfortable turns.

Our aim for the day, to reach Piang Luang.

We didn’t know what to see in Piang Luang until we reached there, Chinese looking people start to appear,
We chose this place to visit because it is out of the touristy Mae Hong Song and it is near a border.

What is in Piang Luang and what is there to visit?

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Preparation for new adventure.

Yes, we are setting off on 5th January 2014.

This is the GPS we brought along for RTW trip. now it is almost retired but we made good use of it.

Monday, December 9, 2013

Singapore Little India Riot

DISCLAIMER: this is solely my personal opinion and is my diary. This is a diary and you are reading my diary.

To understand why this happened, one has to understand India.

to understand india, one has to be there.

to be there, one really has to be with the local, do what the local do and understand how they behave.

We clearly understand how they behave.

Not traveling the whole country, we had been in Uttar Pradesh, Rajastan and Punjab. Thats enough. We wanted to travel the whole country from North to South but plan changed when we enter the country in day one from Nepal. Go straight to Pakistan.

We were being humiliated, we were cheated, we felt being in another world. You may say that we are not good traveler because we cannot suit to the local situation.

Talk to those travelers that been to India, ask them where the went to. Tourist place? hotel? they will tell you the best things in India they ever enjoyed.

One of them, he (usually is a guy) stop and look and quietly observe.

then the second one stop and see why the first is looking at.

then the 3rd one will be curious what this 2 are looking.

very soon, within 5 minutes, there will be more than 50 of them looking at us, touching our property, intruding into our personal space, looking at Samantha like she is wearing nothing.

Then, the road will be congested, because vehicles passing pass will stop and see what this crowd is looking at.

When the police come, the solution is to chase both of us out.

This is India.

Please, I plead, after the riot in Little India of Singapore, DO NOT HATE ALL OF OUT FOREIGN WORKER FROM INDIA. Treat them with respect as they are human too. We need them.

Also, please differentiate them from the Bangladeshi foreign laborer. Most of my good work mates are from Bangladeshi and we respected each other very much.

Ladies, how do you feel when you are sitting in a car of a traffic light, and in front of you, there is a truck load of Indian worker? Tell me, if never they are not staring at you. Also please tell me if you loved being stared by them this way because no man would want to look at you before.

One of them, they are quiet, shy and tame. 2 of them, would talk a little loud. 3 and more, they owned the whole world. Nothing is in their mind. when they have 5 or more of them, things will happened.

In India, it is not uncommon to hear story about the family pushing their old grandmother to the road when a luxury car pass by.

I heard of a story from a fellow biker. A little girl was hit by a vehicle, injured. People around would just surround and look. This white biker took the little girl to the hospital for emergency treatment on his bike. the next moment, he was captured by the police, handcuffed and treated like a prisoner for a few days. So why was he being treated like that?

think... think... you tell me.

human behavior... when one is angry, another one will come in to stir. These people would stir and stir, and the fire become bigger and bigger and unstoppable. This is in them.

TAKE NOTE, we have our Indian friends out there that brush teeth at the primary school canteen with us, play 'pa-sang' (hide and seek) with us, the Indian I'm referring to are not them. our indian friend has the same blood as me and will not do such things. We are Singaporeans, not the one that you are referring to. you know what i mean. I have very good Indian friends and we are like brothers.

For any ethnics, such behavior is the same. when it comes into a group, the fire will burn stronger and stronger.

It is so common in Bolivia when were were there for riots and strikes. But for me, it doesn't matter when we faced it almost everyday.

Such situation in Singapore is unacceptable.

Accident happen everyday in India and caused fatality.

Rule of thumb for right of way in India traffic: smaller sized vehicle must give way to the bigger sized vehicle.
Rule of thumb for the party that is in fault: the bigger sized vehicle.

so, often, when someone a bus hit a pedestrian, often the driver will run for his life because the locals will beat the driver to death and burn the bus.

Please, I plead, after the riot in Little India of Singapore, DO NOT HATE ALL OF OUT FOREIGN WORKER FROM INDIA. Treat them with respect as they are human too. We need them.

Our forces lack experience. Why? they don't dare to act until their boss give permission. they have not seen such incident before. they must not forget that they are dealing with the non-singaporeans.

we must maintain good relationship with India, and what we need to do to please them to make business?

my guess for the next move is:

1) alcohol sales control for foreign laborers or within certain area.
2) off days for the foreign workers in different day of the week instead of sunday.
3) investigation of workers at dormitory entrance on the next day.
4) more CISCO petrol in the area. Anyway, CISCO didn't do a good job. Paid and they just walk around. What these auxiliary police has been doing? sign paper and show presence? also, many of them are from other country too.
5) Relevant authority will make some changes in the number of labour from each country and open up new country to 'import' new sources of labors.

what else?

everytime i see the productivity of these foreign worker, i think its a waste of money for the bosses to hire them. If the boss are working with them, they will feel heart pain. sadly, no boss are working together with them.

Go travel, go travel india, not to taj mahal or any tourist places and you will understand.

by the way, we were at the door step of taj mahal and we did not go in. Why? you think, you think.


What can we do? I am not happy that outsider destroy my country and we should hold hands together to handle this now, and future.

Sunday, December 8, 2013

Little india riot in Singapore December

It was late at night and I was doing my work assignment and received a text on the mobile from my friend.

Little India of Singapore on riot?

I am really sad to see this happen in my country. In India, everyday there is road accident with pedestrain and when there is road accident, the driver will run away because the locals will beat the driver to death and burn the vehicle. 

Our Indian friends that grew up together with us will never do this because we have the same blood. What upset me was these people are bringing their bad practices from their country and applied in my land, my people and my property. 

We need to protect.

Friday, November 29, 2013

Guess where. 2008 November

 In the North. 2009
In the South. 2009

Guess where.

Monday, October 7, 2013

Robbed in Jakarta part 2

At the square of the old town. We visited museum and we are able to touch touch the displayed items because they have replicated it. We noticed that 90% of the visitors were viewing the artifact through the screen of a camera or a phone.

There were stalls selling food. One big guy came over and commanded a few words. the hawker quietly shifted to another boundary line. This big guy doesn't seems to be from any officials but was wearing big chain around his neck. Then the ladies from other stall would flirt with him, end up they still have to move.

These are the prison cell balls... really heavy. Left by the Dutch. They have lots of uses...
For decoration,
For photography,
For a resting place,
For blocking road and restrict movement.

This little street sells interesting product but none of our attention except for the Keropok.

Scene from the old town.
 think its better to walk on foot.

In Singapore, it will be the Long Bar at Raffles Hotel. In Indonesia, it would be the Cafe Batavia in Jakarta.
It was once award the world best bar in 1996 by Newsweek.
with lots of interesting wall pictures to view at.

We wanted to taste the coffee luwak for a very long time... in Singapore, it cost about S$20-30.

We are not sure if we have to stir it, lots of powder.

World best bar.
@ the staircase.
In the toilet.
When sitting.

For a night's out.

Too much tourist! we decided to take a walk out of it, just follow the map towards some Mall. the streets are very hard to walk. lots of obstacle. Blessed Singapore that we have a very good walkway to stroll on, other than little india.

We saw a artist lane.

Along the way, we asked the locals for direction. All of them that we approached replied in a sincere manner.
Its odd to see big mall not operating on a sunday.

What caught our eye was the Novotel Hotel. It seems to be built above an old house.
Our guess was:
1) the hotel wanted to buy the land to built a proper hotel but the old house owner refused to move.
2) might be due to some 'feng shui' geomancy issue.

the wind chime was super big.

looking up the ceiling, it looks like the ancient coin of China.

M took us for a dinner on the eve of her wedding. We got to know her family better. It was the very first time for us to have a proper chinese food in Indonesia, thou we have traveled from Timor to Sumatra on Hope Too.
We were always lost while navigating. there would be kind soul coming up to us to check if we need any help. We can't understand any Bahasa Indonesia but from the feel, we could point to them where we are going and we observe their body language. Those that came forward to give us direction were usually the younger ones.

Simply to say, we love the the way how Indonesian worked. Pace are much slower when we arrived at the airport. We could really catch some breath out of Singapore. Time was never promised.

Seeing how a security guard deal with a local smoking in a shopping mall, it tells me that human relation is important. There were no big hoo haa, no arguement, no photo taking, no phone call to the unknown. both parties would quietly settle on the spot.

People are easy going and helpful. I ordered a beer, something else was served. I couldn't blame them because I couldn't speak their language. I learned and tried again.

Our favorite past time in Indonesia is to eat a Bakso and drink the Teh Botol. All the Bakso tasted so differently. There are rumors that the bakso from the roadside stalls were made from rats.

During our RTW travel, the nearest we got was to reach Bogor. The Indonesian friends came all the way from Jakarta to Bogor early in the morning and wanted to fetch us into Jakarta. We rejected them at that time because Hope Too was around. Thank you all our Indonesian friends. We love it! 

We learned to say:

Tidak ada apa apa
Hati hati