Sunday, August 31, 2008

The Salt Lake

riding at 0.06 degrees celcius at 630pm. Finally, the salt lake.
see the bumps?! these are the minor ones. there are some with more frequency and will have bumps along the whole highway. also in the dark, hard to see.
nice stone along the highway

after the fall, we hit a patch of sand at 25km/hr

Day 3 Bolivia
traveled = 210km
hours on the road = 9
pimples on face = 1
no. of fall = 1
we reached Uyuni!
Salt lake might be the new 7 wonder of the planet.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

some pictures along the road to Bolivia

the roads in Bolivia are tough. similar to cambodia if u know hows the condition like. highway are gravels. its ok to have gravels but there are bumpy courses. there are strips across my wheels every 10cm. these strips are like caused by a 100 tonne tractor wheels. then there are piles of soft sand, along the track so we cannot change `lane`as we like else Hope Too`s front wheel will slide into the sand. again, gravels are ok but we are covering this big country very slowly due to the road condition, some more the govenment set up toll booth to collect $. generally we like this country. the people looked like me, asian. the food for me is just ok. standard of living not so expensive. a dorm bed per person is S$12.00 and bike can park at a garage next door. at night the lowest can go to 1deg celcies and on the day, its about 30deg celcies highest.
will let u see the beautiful salt lake of south america tomorrow, if nothing goes wrong. will be a 8hrs ride on sandy road.

Day2 of Bolivia

puncture : 0
pimples : 1
KM travelled : 100km
time used for travel : 4hours
location : Tupiza
Next Location : Uyuni (salt Lake)
s 21deg 26.701`
W065deg 43.027`

lucky and unlucky day

my first companion, Peer, from Germany

fun with kids in Argentina!
Nice friends along the road.
Bolivia highway.
market in Bolivia. looks like the hawker center in singapore?

we nearly could not exit Argentina.

this was my email to Sandra of Dakarmotos, Buenos Aires.

hi sandra,

sorry for all the trouble. i knew you are there when we needed help. tell your friends at the custom (B.A.) that it has been solved. thanks!

it happen:

i went to the counter, the custom officer read my import document and threw the paper at my face twice! he spoke espanio that ... some thing about the stamp. im traveling with a german friend which spoke a little espanio. the officer spoke whole lot of shit to him to explain why he cant accept my document. we asked him how can we rectify this problem, that custom officer says don´t know!!!

he wrote some rubbish website to us which we cannot read the handwriting.

we went back to the nearest town and email you. meanwhile, we wait for another 4 hours and try again.

this time, we approached another officer. he just see a few items on my bike and ask me to go to the Bolivia customs for application.

when i was in the Bolivia custom office, which was the same office that we met the stupid officer, i saw him again and he did not disturb me.

so... what is the problem? he had a bad day and threw his temper at me? i wasn´t angry when he threw the paper at my face.

so lesson learn... must have good friend behind us, one like u.

thanks again!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1 day away from Bolivia

we have reached Tilcara, 2500m above sea level. have been riding with Peer, the german friend we met at Dakar Motos. he is on his KTM LC4 400 military. the road here is so wonderful. tight mountain road with the size of a subaru viki. many blind corners. luckily not much on coming traffic.

we are so excited going into bolivia. the highest country in the world... average of 4000m height. flat land....

there are no proper tarmac road in bolivia. may get our 1st puncture there.

sorry guys. cant upload the beautiful road pictures we took today. internet limited...

will make up on the next stop : BOLIVIA!!!

Monday, August 25, 2008

hard times

remembering when i started my business...

i had no worker but a part time malay neighbour.
i had no truck but a broken one loan from peter.

i had a $ project. there's a methodist school in dover road. the teacher came to me and wanted to have a potted plant display for their school event. i went down, show her what i am going to display during the day (with pictures) and she agreed with it and also the price.

actual day, i loan the truck from peter and that malay part timer play me out by not attending. i was alone buying the plants, loading, sending and brought over 100 potted plants to the school. each i have to clean and carry all over the school. it was tiring but worth... anyway it's my own business.

the teacher came to me, saying: my principle doesn't like the plants.

i tried to convince her but she say principle dont like.

shit... i bought the plants by cash and now she say the principle don't like it. it was her that made the decision and now she push the power to the principle. i should talk to the principle in the first place as she couldnt make the decision in the end.

that fucking OM (operation manager) of that school, try to put power on me, giving me faces, telling me to get off with these plants.

the agreement had made by the teacher and now the OM and principle ask me to fuck off?! what the hell world is this?

lan lan, suck cock. i have to please them to the plants i bought for them. it was the agreed items from the teacher in charged.

what to do...

they did not want to pay if i change the plants. i was alone, cleaning all the stuff, carring all the heavy pots one by one and it seems like they are 'takan' me. is this how a methodist school treat fellow human being?!

i bought extra plants to please them. they accepted it but still not happy.

after the event, they ask me to take back the plants and they don't want it. they say it's ruining their function.

what the Hell?

after eating, saying the food not nice and dont pay?!

after much persuation, like me sucking their cock, they pay me at my COST PRICE! lost $, lost time.

lesson learn

Sunday, August 24, 2008

Piston jam

We found this along the highway. this was one of the many that we found, each different sizes. some drivers stopped over and went to it. this is the backview. guess what is looked something similar to the TPK of singapore. whats TPK?

did u know in argentina

the beer is very cheap! about S$1.50 for a bottle of 970ml!!! it taste good.
the petrol is S$1.50 per liter... not bad.
we use a travel guide book that was published in 2004. it wrote about S$12.00 for a room but when we reach here... it was about S$45-60. can believe it in 4 years it rose so much

we reached salta. many bolivian faces. we just traveled for another 300km and i had to top up half liter of engine oil into Hope Too. please advise what could have happen? yesterday we travelled 500km and halfway i also topped up half liter. im crusing at 4500rpm at 105km/hr.

piston going to jam anytime....

please please advise...

s 24 deg 47.529´
w 065deg 24.732´

Saturday, August 23, 2008

3 days on the road


it has been 3 days on the road after our 40days rest. we are riding 7 hours a day and only maximum 500km covered.(in day 3)Our ass still hurts! pain! back ache... even after 40days of rest. we are so tired that after dinner at 930pm we sleep till 830am the next days.

still do not have much confident in Hope Too. suspect that he has "old man problem" such as rhumetisum....

today i topped up half liter of engine oil and it seems still not enough. what could have happen? not leaking! does the weather plays a part? its about 12degress celces in the morning.

too tired. argentina highway are long and straight. boring straight but we are getting near to Bolivia each day. the adventure starts there

we are at

S 26deg 49´58.7"
W065deg 12´04.3"


to Agnes: how can u forget my email..cannot tell u over the blog lah. u email me then i email u back to tell u my email. err... how u email me if i never email u where i dont have ur email add oso?

Haojie: good... guoliang want to 888 huat huat huat... poor cindy must force the baby out that day? got special bonus for giving birth on that day? good for minliang.... gonna bully his children when i go back... like take their pants off and make them cry... just kidding..

time flys for both of them. knew cindy since primary school and she skinny.... cant imagine now she is a mother. guoliang was a shortie when i met him when he was 14. now a father. and u.... u! u!

can start a TSMB nursery (not for plants in this case but for children) and i be the principle... can?

haojie, thanks for the update... boost us to go further!

Thursday, August 21, 2008

after 40days of rest!

at last, we are on the road. after 40days of rest on boat and dakar motos. it's hard to say goodbye to friends at dakar motos espicially Fabris, the French, where we spent time together in boat and dakar motos. he advised us on many things and is like our big brother. thank you fabris, today when we hugged i don't know what to say to u. too emotional.also Javiar, Sebestian and Robin, i'm really sorry that we have to say goodbye. thanks for all the things you folks had given us. when will we meet again?

along the way to our next stop, Cordoba, we stopped along a petrol station. saw a local news about riot of the locals with the policemen there, and some were killed. we decided to stopped nearer at Rosario, the birth place of Che Guevara.

good thing about argentina, internet is every where. most cafe has free wifi. our room now also have a free one! even we have to pay at cyber cafe, it cost 10 times less than Italy. i can't believe it. Italy? or even some part of europe is so advance and it's so expensive! we gonna spend more time and $ here in Latin America.

6 months not enough.

did u know: the arborigist of latin america came from asia? about 20000years BC. they cross from siberia to alaska and came down to peru. that's why Bolivian people looks very Mongoloid. like me. those blonds came from europe during the world war as refugees. the nigros came here because of slavery in 1600s-1700s.

asian history... so thick.

keep u guys update tomorrow if we can find internet 600km away.

Wednesday, August 20, 2008

we are starting our 3 phase of our trip.

the walking street in Buenos Aires.

the night view of Florida street

cooking small steamboat dinner for 3 at Dakar Motos

Hope Too had his plastic welded + a big screw.

Javier got his sticker on Hope Too's new wind screen.

at last, Javier did up Hope Too's plastic and have a new windscreen fixed. Sandra had helped us on the 3rd party insurance(for showing to the police where we don't want to pay any bribe). it was a workshop with 4 beds in the kitchen and we had stayed for 7 nights after the 30days on ship. we had enough rest and infomation. will be ready to hit the road tomorrow towards Bolivia. will take about 4 days to reach the Bolivia border.

tell me, what kind of pictures do you want to see on our blog? the touristic places, about the faces+life of locals or more on us+Hope Too?

please advise.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

argentina, europe of latin america

buenos aires.

did you know tango originated from here?

did you know Che Guevera was an Argentinian?

did you know Buenos aires is one of the busiest port in the world?

did you know many people fleed to south america espically argentina and brazil because of the world war?

did you know there are a large community of chinese and japanese in argentina and brazil?

did you know we are still at dakarmotos waiting for insurance for motorbike?

Saturday, August 16, 2008

shipping details

a hassel free shipment! no hidden cost.

book online by email. payment easy. select a date of departure on their list and go to the port and wait. dates for shipping lines are all estimated. so we camped near the port for a few days to make sure we are near the objective.

ship arrive, ride in, park and go to cabin and enjoy!

it’s a freighter cruise which means it’s a working ship, not one with casino! we have 7 passengers and 30 crews on board. the ship has over thousands of new/used vehicles, trucks, machines and container. we did not plan Africa in our RTW trip but accidently we got a chance to visit Dakar and Freetown when ship arrive at port for loading. there’s usually day visit when crew are handling loading and unloading. we also got a chance to visit touristic town in brazil like Salvador, Santos, Victoria, Rio de Janiro and

the ship is so huge that we sailed through the rough Atlantic ocean smoothly. usually my brake disc will rust when we park in campsite for 2 days but it looked flawless even I have not moved our bike for 30days in the ship. it was well kept for security reasons where many ‘stories’ about workers at port will take out ‘extra’ vehicles not in their list. bike is safe and good!

3 meals included prepared by Italian cook. lunch and dinner is 4 course meal with red wine served.

cost for air freight:
bike: EURO$1000 for crate + shipping/documents…
air ticket to fly from Europe to south America for 2 persons: EURO$1800
transport on the days without bike : EURO$100
lodging and food on the days waiting for bike : 5 days : EURO$250
many hidden cost during custom clearance… documents… waiting… see faces of angry and stern custom officers… carnet needed… bike inspection… assembly of bike at port… bribe… and many many troubles if u like the procedures, u may enjoy.
total cost for air freight : at least EURO$3150 MINIMUN

bike: Euro$320
2 passenger from Europe to south America: EURO$1350 x 2 = EURO$2700

total cost for Grimaldi : EURO$3020 + very good pit stop for us when we travel from Asia.

note:euro$1.00 = S$2.16

Thursday, August 14, 2008

9 August 2008

the port at night at B.A. nice or not?

the Hubers... loving parents!

Hope Too at Dakar Motor. it's a workshop cum a bed to stay place with lovely people!

our bed at dakar motor... like home.

nice guy at sierra leone.

can u believe it? in brazil some bikes they have this. to prevent their neck cut by the string from the kite, where they have glass on the string, to cut other kites.

our indian and italian cook in the ship! i like them! they have a special character!

Paul Huber in their motor home for the next 3 years!

Independance day for Singapore!

it also marks a stamp when we reached Argentina.
we say goodbye to the crews in the ship, Grande Buenos Aires by Grimaldi. our entry documents was easily done... much easier to crate the bike and to fly into the port. also a very good rest. till today after much waiting, we get to stay in the famous Dakar Motors in Argentina.

we spend our first night in Buenos Aires (B.A.) in the 11 degrees celcius carpark by the port but with a warm family travelled from europe to B.A. with us on a 10 tonne truck. they have spent the last 8 years making this truck into a motor home, all self made and designed. they have detail plans, to travel south america for the next 3 years! i saw their plan and was shocked! the german couple, Mr and Mrs Huber was about the age of my father but he go wind surfing! both of them made me very homely, like our care taker. gave us meaningful advises and try to help us in all ways and advised alot on south america.

when will we meet again?

climate in south america is extreme! down south at patagonia now is winter, extreme cold. so we head north to bolivia 1st before going east to brazil. will take the patanal route to san paulo. there is a garden festival on 1st oct. we dont want to miss!

time is so tricky, my brazil visa ends sept 11. must reach san paulo at 1 oct, bolivia is the best time to travel now bcoz its dry but -20deg in night and 11deg in day.else after august would be wet. when we say wet will be travelling on mud, like the fresh mud on the pond and stick on your tyres! never try that before? i dont want to try.

Hope Too at last got his new big wind screen at dakar motor at a non-european price! we are so glad. got more repair to do. will stay here for a few days and meanwhile do up our bolivia visa!

yeh...we are the first singapore biker to travel to south america!!!!!!!

u fly here and rent a bike not counted ahhhh...

friends and loved ones that are worried about us for the past few weeks, because we got no sound and no news... sorry to keep u waiting.

the adventure starts!!

it is the point where we are heading back to singapore from the other end of the world.

if it's 9am in singapore, we are at 2am here, which means we are 11 hours younger than YOU! heee... we are happy.

Monday, August 4, 2008


hi guys. im back.

our freighter are loading some vehicle in Rio de Janeiro so we have a day to the city.

may advice us that its a very touristic place. 'bad people' will wait for u at the hotel door. as soon as any tourist come out they will be nab!

we had advice to keep all rings, watches, cameras at home when scrolling down this city.

we had half a day here and it was like a sunday afternoon in Shenton way of singapore.

still too early to talk.

when we were in victorial, the previous port. there isnt much touristic stuff to see but we enjoyed! we were with our french friend which speak good portugese, we were approched by people while having a drink, having a meal and queing up to pay. they talk and chat like a old friend to us. i didnt understand but can see that they are very true people.

we enjoyed the people! it's the people that makes the place difference. we are starting to feel and learn something.

we may unload hope too in argentina during Singapore national day. it marks a day for singapore too!

we love it!

we may consider to buy another camera. the current one has some problem with new battary and u see black dots in my picture? im using canon A570 powershot.

any suggestion?

goh and sam

Saturday, August 2, 2008

......where are u?

I don’t feel like sharing anything with you. I felt so isolated from Singapore. Not because of distance but it’s because of you.

I have heard of many people that travel the world. They take few years. after they return to their country, they would decide to pack up, migrate and leave their motherland after knowing that the new country they are going to reside has much better living condition than their current country. Initially I felt such act was very selfish. They travel the world and should bring their experiences back to their motherland and share with all the people. now I know why they migrate. it was because there is really nothing much worth back in their motherland to be missed or loved.

it is now 0124hrs (-3GMT). I can’t sleep in the ship that felt like earthquake running 24hrs. I think of my friends and loved ones in Singapore. I felt isolated. Having this blog is my only communication to you for keeping the relationship going. I want to share with you about my joy, experience and rough times.

Are you listening? I hope so.

I’m starting to lose my friends back in Singapore.
Where are you? What are you doing now? Recently anything funny happen? How’s your job other than being busy? When are you getting married? How’s your parent? Can your baby start talking now? How’s your new bike?

Such two way communication makes me stronger to continue the trip, making my way back home to see you again.

I loved what I had back in Singapore. I always listened to the 881 soundtrack. it makes me so homely. at times, I would view the picture of my friends in Singapore and try to make many email to many friends in Singapore to keep the relationship going.

other than busy, you are still busy with work. same shit different day?

yes, you may think that I have no job now, so free to travel, you can say that I have a lot of time doing all this blog or email stuff. I have been through the busy days when I was managing my own business. 7 days a week, 16 hours a day. I would still look for you and spend time drinking, chatting, doing fun things together but enjoyed every moment together.

where are you now my friend? we used to drink till late night and endless topic. we had laughter and more laughter together. during your wedding we attended and glad that you invited us for celebration when your baby was a month old. you want to make your day filled with friends and to share your joy with me, not because of the red packets and the present you received from me but also seeing me, as a friend to be happy with you, a good day for celebration. when you have your new bike we gladly meet and view about your new bike. when there is a good movie or a new pub filled with pretty girls you will call me up to fix a date for it.

Now, I SMS and emailed you and there isn’t any reply, not for days but for months, till now.

Stupid blog had made us went searching for internet café in every new city and pay money to update you. I do not mind doing this. I want to share with you.

There is only one way communication. I don’t mind. I hope you are still alive.

I felt something is missing, something important in my life, which is you.

I’m worried. Our relationship has become thinner.

Sam starts to dream about her friends. You started to appear in my dream lately and heavily.

We still want to go back to Singapore and stay. It’s my homeland. The society had given me so much things, not in money value but in value. Although we been through so many countries that could be a candidate for migration, I still put the idea off because I want to go back Singapore to see my loved ones and be with you. I want to be in Singapore to share with you, in person, about everything.

where are you my friend?

where are you?