Wednesday, August 20, 2008

we are starting our 3 phase of our trip.

the walking street in Buenos Aires.

the night view of Florida street

cooking small steamboat dinner for 3 at Dakar Motos

Hope Too had his plastic welded + a big screw.

Javier got his sticker on Hope Too's new wind screen.

at last, Javier did up Hope Too's plastic and have a new windscreen fixed. Sandra had helped us on the 3rd party insurance(for showing to the police where we don't want to pay any bribe). it was a workshop with 4 beds in the kitchen and we had stayed for 7 nights after the 30days on ship. we had enough rest and infomation. will be ready to hit the road tomorrow towards Bolivia. will take about 4 days to reach the Bolivia border.

tell me, what kind of pictures do you want to see on our blog? the touristic places, about the faces+life of locals or more on us+Hope Too?

please advise.

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