Sunday, February 20, 2011

why do we live for?

very touching. we cried.

think about it...

Friday, February 11, 2011

Goh Mia Chun at WIT conference.

Long live the romance of travel from WebInTravel on Vimeo.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

visiting Malacca from a different view

It was a gathering for Samantha. 3 of her best friend came to Malacca to celebrate Crystal's birthday and at the same time, giving us a big hello after 2 and half years.
Malacca is situated about 2 hours away from Singapore as we always consider it as an 'easy to go' or 'not challenging' biking destination. After going round the world and now that we are back in this city, the whole perspective changed. This city became so colorful.

Next to Samantha is Leo, where we visited and stayed with him when we were in City of New York (USA, 2009).

Crystal's chicken rice shop.

at last, Sam is able to make up and dress sexy for the first time after 2 and half years. (above)
if not, this is how we looked like (below picture) in one of the country we visited, Pakistan. Our traveling suit.

Sam being dolled up during Crystal birthday. (picture below)

Sam being not dolled up during the trip. (below picture taken in Alaska, USA 2009)

We spend good times with Crystal.

Old building in Malacca. Was it Portuguese?
Old fort.
Very unique road sign with arabic, Bahasa Malay and english translation.

nice drawing we saw.
The above are real shoes made for the ancient chinese women where their feet were being tied up and not to grow more than 3 inches. In those times it was considered beautiful. This shop is one of the very last shop in the world to custom make these shoes.

Malacca also has a mix culture of race and religion.
An Islam building being a neighbor with a Taoist temple, in harmony.

This garden is built for a toilet in a tourist district.
It looked like an entrance of a resort but it is a public toilet.
a tomb stone as a decoration.
well, thats the public toilet i am referring to. the most beautiful toilet in Malaysia.

Crystal and her boyfriend brought us to eat our all time favorite food: bak kut teh.
See the mosque by the beach? this is the view from Crystal's apartment in Malacca.

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

chinese new year in singapore.

chinese new year in singapore

the first chinese new year during our trip we had was in india. feb 2008 where we were in a wierd city.

the second chinese new year we had was in Chile where we had a little steamboat with some other Canadian Chinese in the backpacker's hostel. (2009)

the third chinese new year we had was in Australia where we stayed with a few Malaysian friends and we celebrated a great chinese new year, (2010)

and today, after the hard work we did from August 2010 till today, all about trying to survive in Singapore, trying to set up my business from zero, trying to meet up with friends (which we did not), trying to be 'feeling home'; it's about this chinese new year.

we worked hard from day 1 since we came back. we neglected many friends even when we came back because the $ and greed had overtook love.

i did realized that because if $ did not overtook love, we had been seeing all my friends that we missed during our RTW.

Everyone is busy for this chinese new year. we spend alot of $ on unnecessary things like cookies and decoration. Actually, we felt that it has becoming more and more meaningless.

I start to look around, have we forgotten the needy?

I remembered the old lady staying with is son. She always collects old drink cans from rubbish bins. I knew where she lived and decided to gave some of our goodies to her. Guess, i am the first person after so many years of her life visiting her during chinese new year.

If everyone would be noticing and observing around our neighborhood for the needys, these people would be much happier with you around.