Saturday, August 16, 2008

shipping details

a hassel free shipment! no hidden cost.

book online by email. payment easy. select a date of departure on their list and go to the port and wait. dates for shipping lines are all estimated. so we camped near the port for a few days to make sure we are near the objective.

ship arrive, ride in, park and go to cabin and enjoy!

it’s a freighter cruise which means it’s a working ship, not one with casino! we have 7 passengers and 30 crews on board. the ship has over thousands of new/used vehicles, trucks, machines and container. we did not plan Africa in our RTW trip but accidently we got a chance to visit Dakar and Freetown when ship arrive at port for loading. there’s usually day visit when crew are handling loading and unloading. we also got a chance to visit touristic town in brazil like Salvador, Santos, Victoria, Rio de Janiro and

the ship is so huge that we sailed through the rough Atlantic ocean smoothly. usually my brake disc will rust when we park in campsite for 2 days but it looked flawless even I have not moved our bike for 30days in the ship. it was well kept for security reasons where many ‘stories’ about workers at port will take out ‘extra’ vehicles not in their list. bike is safe and good!

3 meals included prepared by Italian cook. lunch and dinner is 4 course meal with red wine served.

cost for air freight:
bike: EURO$1000 for crate + shipping/documents…
air ticket to fly from Europe to south America for 2 persons: EURO$1800
transport on the days without bike : EURO$100
lodging and food on the days waiting for bike : 5 days : EURO$250
many hidden cost during custom clearance… documents… waiting… see faces of angry and stern custom officers… carnet needed… bike inspection… assembly of bike at port… bribe… and many many troubles if u like the procedures, u may enjoy.
total cost for air freight : at least EURO$3150 MINIMUN

bike: Euro$320
2 passenger from Europe to south America: EURO$1350 x 2 = EURO$2700

total cost for Grimaldi : EURO$3020 + very good pit stop for us when we travel from Asia.

note:euro$1.00 = S$2.16


Daniele Ciccone said...

Hi guys, it's Daniele here writing from Italy.I found you on HU :-) I'm leaving for a RTW by motorbike too, and tried to send my bike from Europe to Buenos Aires with the same Cargo of your: Grimaldi! But they tolf me that's fully booked until next year!!! but it sounds me strange!!Shame, 'couse I wanted to try this kind of experience since long time. Now I'm writing you to know if you booked your continental transfer long in advance or not. Should I try to go to import ports in France or Spain and wait there? How long did you book before? Thanks guys. Hope to see you long the way to Alaska.

singaporedream said...

hi Daniele! we booked our ferry about 2 months in advance.when we wanted to delay the date, Carlo also said to us that it would be fully booked until next year. it's the same for us to wait in any port as the procedure is the same. for us we went to the nearest port so we save our $ and nearby the port has cheap camping site. u may want to try other website on frighter cruise. if u have shipping issues, may contact dakarmotos and they might help u!