Thursday, November 24, 2011

ISA Certified Arborist Singapore, Arborist report.

CSK Landscape Services (S) Pte. Ltd.

Contact Number: (+65) 66489414

-Arboriculture Services.

-Arborist in Singapore.

-Arborist assessment and report proposed for tree retention with Tree Conservation Areas (TCA) / vacant land as required for DC and BP submissions by Nparks.

-Tree survey.

-Tree decay detection.

-Study of construction impact on trees.

-Tree preservation and protection.

-Tree Surgery.

-Advance Visual Tree Assessment (VTA) .

-ISA Certified Arborist in Singapore.

-Singapore Arboriculture Society (SAS) .

Tuesday, November 22, 2011

Riding to the same place again, 3NCR 2011 Malacca

For 2 weekends, we rode out of Singapore.

On the first weekend, we went to Yong Peng for Crystal's wedding.

On the second weekend, we rode to Malacca with Uncle Woo, Sam Leong, Yee, Jiawei, Cheryl, Desmond Kong, Cindy Lam, Juvena and Lim Lai Siong. I dropped Samantha at Malacca as she is accompanying Crystal for her 2nd phase wedding.

 We saw Thailand flag on a bike.

We saw Australia flag on a bike.

We made use of the annual 3 nation charity ride ( 3NCR) at Malacca for an excuse to get together to ride to somewhere.

It was fun fun fun with my friends around.