Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Left Singapore

One of my army friends left Singapore, he was disappointed about what happened. He came back today and retrieve his CPF. Prior to ty to that, the authority sent him a letter to ask him to reconsider and remind him about what's yes and no about giving up citizenship.

I feel very bad that we are not able to attract them to stay back.

Have we not done enough?

Tuesday, July 8, 2014

ISA Certified Arborist? Review needed.

While I get to the car park this morning, i saw the tree work contractor getting ready to do some work. The manager whom i know from that contracting company talked to me. I was so happy that he had just certified as an arborist by ISA because it shows that he will be equipped with the basic tree knowledge. So I used my green laser printer to tell show him a topped branch and asked him to remind the foreign worker that is holding the chainsaw not to do such work. He replied : aiya, as long as no public complaints, the management is happy, our job is done.

We talked further about his other sites.

He was mentioning that he had suggested to do crowning and pollarding on one of the street trees. I further asked him to elaborate about the 2 methods mentioned.

Such methods are terribly not recognised and prohibited as a tree practitioner, especially when one is an ISA Certified Arborist. The idea of topping wasn't even drilled into him.

I am very disappointed with what the ISA  Certified Arborist program that was conducted by the training branch of a government agency.