Tuesday, August 26, 2008

1 day away from Bolivia

we have reached Tilcara, 2500m above sea level. have been riding with Peer, the german friend we met at Dakar Motos. he is on his KTM LC4 400 military. the road here is so wonderful. tight mountain road with the size of a subaru viki. many blind corners. luckily not much on coming traffic.

we are so excited going into bolivia. the highest country in the world... average of 4000m height. flat land....

there are no proper tarmac road in bolivia. may get our 1st puncture there.

sorry guys. cant upload the beautiful road pictures we took today. internet limited...

will make up on the next stop : BOLIVIA!!!

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Anonymous said...

higher altitude, would you need to rejet your hope2? or is AT fuel injection?