Saturday, August 23, 2008

3 days on the road


it has been 3 days on the road after our 40days rest. we are riding 7 hours a day and only maximum 500km covered.(in day 3)Our ass still hurts! pain! back ache... even after 40days of rest. we are so tired that after dinner at 930pm we sleep till 830am the next days.

still do not have much confident in Hope Too. suspect that he has "old man problem" such as rhumetisum....

today i topped up half liter of engine oil and it seems still not enough. what could have happen? not leaking! does the weather plays a part? its about 12degress celces in the morning.

too tired. argentina highway are long and straight. boring straight but we are getting near to Bolivia each day. the adventure starts there

we are at

S 26deg 49´58.7"
W065deg 12´04.3"


to Agnes: how can u forget my email..cannot tell u over the blog lah. u email me then i email u back to tell u my email. err... how u email me if i never email u where i dont have ur email add oso?

Haojie: good... guoliang want to 888 huat huat huat... poor cindy must force the baby out that day? got special bonus for giving birth on that day? good for minliang.... gonna bully his children when i go back... like take their pants off and make them cry... just kidding..

time flys for both of them. knew cindy since primary school and she skinny.... cant imagine now she is a mother. guoliang was a shortie when i met him when he was 14. now a father. and u.... u! u!

can start a TSMB nursery (not for plants in this case but for children) and i be the principle... can?

haojie, thanks for the update... boost us to go further!

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haojie said...

Hiya Hiya

Huat Ah!!in fact , the Gemma ( Guoliang's girl ) has to be pushed out by 2 midwives as Cindy was too tired from the contractions =)

Government just increased babay bobouns in fact BUT Guoliang's kis is 1 week eartly and my kid is one month early. SUCK cock lar =)

u be principal, that would be cool. We teach them to catch longkang guppies at the longkangs =)

you guys take care =)