Thursday, August 28, 2008

some pictures along the road to Bolivia

the roads in Bolivia are tough. similar to cambodia if u know hows the condition like. highway are gravels. its ok to have gravels but there are bumpy courses. there are strips across my wheels every 10cm. these strips are like caused by a 100 tonne tractor wheels. then there are piles of soft sand, along the track so we cannot change `lane`as we like else Hope Too`s front wheel will slide into the sand. again, gravels are ok but we are covering this big country very slowly due to the road condition, some more the govenment set up toll booth to collect $. generally we like this country. the people looked like me, asian. the food for me is just ok. standard of living not so expensive. a dorm bed per person is S$12.00 and bike can park at a garage next door. at night the lowest can go to 1deg celcies and on the day, its about 30deg celcies highest.
will let u see the beautiful salt lake of south america tomorrow, if nothing goes wrong. will be a 8hrs ride on sandy road.

Day2 of Bolivia

puncture : 0
pimples : 1
KM travelled : 100km
time used for travel : 4hours
location : Tupiza
Next Location : Uyuni (salt Lake)
s 21deg 26.701`
W065deg 43.027`


Daniela (Salta,Argentina) said...

Hola Gogh and Sam!
How are you????!!!
So finally in Bolivia!!!
Thanks for your email guys!
Im looking the date you said to read some
Thank you so much for everything you said!
Good luck in Bolivia :)
I will keep in touch:)
A big hug for you and Sam :)
Daniela (from Salta,Argentina)

Daniele Ciccone said...

Hi guys. Hey you got a new fan now! It's me!!! I'm gonna start my round the world soon. So keep in touch 'couse I'm going to South America too!! Ciaoooooo

singaporedream said...

hi Daniela of Argentina and Daniele of Italy: thanks for following. will keep in contact!

iza& kamil said...


cool pics! we are dreaming about Bolivia.


iza & kamil