Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Freedom of speech in Singapore

This is what we meant by freedom in Singapore:

extract from

A 32-YEAR-OLD man has been arrested for repeatedly saying on the Internet that he intends to burn his voting slip and ballot box on Polling Day.

Police said in a statement on Tuesday that on Monday, officers from Ang Mo Kio Police Division arrested the Singaporean Chinese in his Ang Mo Kio home, acting on information they had received.

Investigations showed that he was also believed to have posted a comment which the police said 'was suggestive of causing hurt to Members of Parliament'. He is believed to have posted at least three such messages.

The man was arrested for Communicating an Electronic Record Containing Incitements to Violence, under Section 267C of the Penal Code, Chapter 224. Anyone convicted can be jailed up to five years or fined, or both.

Police said they took threats of violence to the conduct of the electoral process and threats of violence against people seriously.

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

How's my sexy maid?

I need your urgent advice about employing a maid. As a busy mother, I need someone reliable to help out at home.

My maid is from Profits Agency Pte (PAP) and she has worked for me for a long time. Her mother worked for my parents and did an excellent job, so I had faith in her. For several years her performance has been very good, but recently she has become arrogant and insensitive, and is making lots of mistakes.

For example:

1) She flooded my kitchen – she told me that the drain pipe has blocked (she was supposed to clear it once a month but didn’t). Then she assured me that it is very rare and won’t happen again in the near future. Guess what? It flooded again within a year!

2) She didn’t close a window and my terrier dog escaped. I was so worried cos he is dangerous and could bite lots of people. After the incident, she didn’t apologise and just shrugged her shoulders saying “What to do, it has happened.” Fortunately my neighbor found the dog and we locked it up again.

3) Without consulting me, she has been bringing in strangers for my house's maintenance work. She says they charge low wages and keep costs down, but they eat my food, make a lot of noise and rest on my bed. I think they even tried to seduce my husband. It stopped feeling like my home, more like a cheap hotel, and I don’t always want to come back at the end of the day.

4) When she first came to work for me, I instructed her to clean the different parts of the house at least once a week. But for some time she has stopped taking care of the bedrooms of PP and H; they are now dirty and messy. I asked why and she told me that the kids had been disobedient, so she was neglecting their bedrooms as a punishment (she has forgotten that she is paid to clean all the rooms).

Even though my maid has worked for me for many years and I value what she has done in the past, I think she is now getting complacent. Her attitude is imperious and dismissive. She ignores my comments and basically treats my feedback as "noise". I wrote to the agency about her behavior; they assured me that they are the best agency around and all their maids are “Commited to Serve” – but I think it is just rhetoric and I don’t see that in her actions. Her salary is much higher than maids in other countries, but the agency say this is to keep her honest and stop her moving to another employer. They say there is a limited supply of maids, and Singapore isn’t big enough for more than one good maid agency, so I should not trust their competitors.

I have to decide whether to renew my maid’s 5-year employment contract. When we discussed this she said that she is now part of a team, and if I want her I must also accept her friends doing part-time work for me. One friend is very inexperienced, can't do basic tasks or explain what she intends to do. I suspect that she is actually underage. When interviewed, she only seemed interested in her days-off and visiting Universal Studios. When she couldn't answer my questions she stomped her foot and exclaimed, "I don't know what to say!" But I am still expected to pay her a high salary.

Now there happen to be a few other maid agencies - Workhard Pte (WP), New Solutions Pte (NSP), Super Personnel Pte (SPP) and Star Domestica Pte (SDP) - that offered me some helpers who seem sincere, genuine and intelligent. They are keen to work, willing to assist me and have a good attitude. I know that they may take a bit of time to learn how everything works, but frankly I am inclined to give them a chance.

People say that the devil you know is better than one you don’t. But I feel that I can’t tahan my current maid anymore. Do you think I should sack my current maid and try out a new one? Appreciate your advice.

by Lim Ming Lee.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Nicole Seah (佘雪玲) enlighten me. boyfriend? No nude photos.

No many people have awakened from life until one sees and experience.

I had been a gladful person. Thanking everything that I had. After traveling 2 and half years with my wife on a motorcycle around the world, we had seen many of injustice and conspiracy. What is the root of the problem?

Every citizen is only a chess on the board. When the player needs to win the game, they do not mind sacrificing the soldier, even a queen on the chessboard. Look at September 11. It woke me up by looking into my own country’s political landscape.

With Internet, we made the world smaller. Somehow, I got to know many member of parliament were involved in public projects for their own business. How did they get the business with the government? Many were appointed as board of directors in listing company.

In ancient China, politicians were chosen because they want to serve people and they are filial. Now, are we living in the capitalism era? Every concern is about GDP, wealth of a nation, making sure revenue is on the up side, ships coming to our port will have benefit to us, casino is not creating social issue, creating jobs for xxx country because we want to do business with them and $,$,$. All about $.

Who is looking after our health care?

Who is looking after our retirement?

Why has our education system has become ‘like that’, that had created the strawberry generation.

When did Singaporean have a share in profit of the nation’s natural resources: PSA.

Does freedom has a price to pay? Is everyone happy?

Where is transparency of decision makers?

Why is the media controlled?

How do we treat our Muslim community in Singapore?

Do we have a thinking space by living in a 3 roomed flat?

How has public housing made affordable?

Does the government/policy maker accept critics?

Does citizen has a voice in policymaking or do we have to go under our ‘boss’ to speak during the parliament?

We are not racist. Why do we need to fill in the ‘race’ column when we go for interview?

Ain’t we wanted to be the Switzerland of Asia?

The list goes on…

1) The opposition party must not be named as opposition party. The media must give them a new name like: Supporting party or something. Opposition is a negative word. Why would want to be voting for the negative side?

2) The media must do a show about reality and myth. Some people believe that one that has not voted for the main party, their name will be blacklisted. It is a myth. Some believes that once the zone/GRC is not under the main party, renovation works or transportation upgrading to the property will be last on the list. This is a myth.

3) Media media media. It’s always hard to tackle them but they are the best weapons if we know how to use them. How are they going to report to their boss about their coverage? (BTW, if you know, we had rejected a few media interview because they are not going to report the positive side of what we did).

What agenda does the nominee and the party has. Even that the nominee has a strong point to fix the policy, the party may but the agenda by the side.

So, every nominee has a convincing message to convey.

When we were in Brasil, Sao Paulo, there were having elections. The nominees spend so much money making balloons, giving pamphlets and doing up events. Knowing that in big cities there were many young voters, one nominee told everyone if he is being voted, he will implement the free WIFI in every corner of the city. Many young adults were inspired by this proposal and were ready to vote for him.

At then, we were staying with Simone and her kind mum. We witness her mum, now 76 years old, counseling a young relative on why he should not vote on the ‘WIFI’ nominee.

More about Simone’s mum at

Please choose your vote wisely. Think of the big picture and the long road ahead, not for the next 5 years or the $800 that had solved your recent mobile phone bills. I am not here for any party. I really hope these nominees put ethic into first bef

ore oneself.

Good luck Singapore.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Thanks mum.

Today is Chua Siang Keng's 8 year anniversary for gaining freedom from this earth.

We managed to find her diary below her bed during her funeral.

It became my bible and motto, on how i should lead my life.

The original copy has been destroyed by my dad.

Luckily i managed to photocopy many of it and gave it to my uncle and auntie. Also, now i had scanned a copy.

I decided to publish i my book that i am going to work on.

Last Sunday, sis and dad insisted me to go to my mum's cemetery for prayers due to the chinese 'qing ming' festival, which the descendants has to go to the graveyard to 'remember' the dead relatives. it was a sunday. I went just to go, just to satisfy others. there was a huge congestion. i decided to make a U-turn. there is no meaning to do such visit.

Respect the dead? Not really. Some culture burn paper made product like shoes, clothing, cars to the dead relatives, thinking that they lived in another world now and would need such things to survive. In fact, it is just for the living family to have a chance to gather and remember the dead.

Well, only Samantha, my dad and I went. Anyway, in the end, all 3 of us went to a special place to have lunch and have a nice time together. I treasure that.

Thanks mum: Mdm Chua Siang Keng, that had brought us up.

23 Aug 1950 - 19 Apr 2003.

Friday, April 15, 2011

General Election 2011 Winner


Hi. My name is Goh Mia Chun.

I am from the Very Happening Party.

I am born in Singapore. I lived here, study and worked here.

I would like to change Singapore:

1) Integrated Resort:

I do agree that we have gain high income with these 2 integrated resorts. The law makers had put in effort to impose a levy of SGD$100 entry fee or an annual fee of 2-3k to filter out certain people. They also imposed a 'ban' scheme from family member.

We still have to carry on this casino business but how it affect Singaporeans?

I had my lunch in local coffee shop where high society people will not be there to listen to gossips. There were elderly that complaint about losing amount of 5 digit in cash in the casino. There are people that do not want to work but wants to go into the casino to spend their time on the rolling machines.

S$100 levy is nothing to them!


2) I had noticed an increase of traffic congestion. The COE scheme is supposed to control the amount of vehicle on the road.

This matter has to be solved. What happened if your grandmother calls an ambulance and need to be sent to the nearest hospital within 10 minutes? You may need to anticipate the urgency at non-peak hours.

Where the COE $ goes?

Some how some rules did not control the number of vehicle on the road.

I will impose a: 1 car per 4 person in a family scheme.

For those that falls into this 1 car per 4 person scheme do not own a car, all 4 of them will get a annual cash incentive for greening the earth by not having a car.

3) Overloading of migrants:

We have 5 passengers sitting in a taxi that caters for 4 passengers.

We have 5 million people living in a structural built for 4 million people.

Why do we need coffee servers in coffeeshop?

Why do we need cleaners to clean and remove our dishes in the hawker center?

Why do we need domestic helper to carry the bag for our soldier?

Why does some family has 3 domestic helpers where there are only 4 members in the family?

Why are the upper level pressure so high that the employer has no choice but to find ways to engage cheap labour?

Why do we need people from other country that grew up in a different environment, that has injected a different set of moral value to be in our environment?

Example: for a person that grew up in XYX country, driving a lorry at 100km/hr is normal in his country.

when he comes to Singapore, although he is being train/educated to drive within speed limit, sometimes he will try to push his limit.... by speeding .when driving a lorry with 13 other workers at the back. when we, Singapore sees this, we ask:

Hey, why u speed?

he replied: no problem! my country, same same!

We will say: but it is dangerous. there are 13 man behind. it's better to be late than never!

he replied: no problem! my country same same!

he continued to speed....

upon reaching the destination, he tell us:

you see? nothing happened! so it's no problem driving at 100km/hr with 13 man behind my lorry! my country, same same! no problem!

We must raise the standards of our work force. increase the levy rate. It will only be fair to us that hiring a Singaporean is cheaper than hiring a foreign talent.

The policy maker also must change some concept of manpower usage.

i will talk about this on the next parliament meeting.

My name is Goh Mia Chun

please, vote for me.

i am from the:


Saturday, April 2, 2011

Bandits, thieves and conman in Singapore?

Are there bandits, thieves and conman in Singapore?

I wanted to register a domain name for a new website for my company with singnet. the name was avalible when i register. some days later, they tell me it's not avalible anymore. i checked that someone has registered it some time after i register. that someone is a web hosting company, then this web host company wants offer to sell or rent me the name.

I felt unjustified and wanted to file a compliant to the authority. call the police? i bet not. there is an agency appointed by the singapore government that does domain name dispute.

guess what? i have to pay a S$2750 to file a complaint against these bad user.

It's feels like reporting a case to the police station and we have to pay a fee first. In the end, nobody will go and report case to the police and the national statistic shows that crime rate is ZERO!

What the world is this?!

I prepared an email to The Secretariat of Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service but i gave up after knowing about the charges involved!

Singapore Domain Name Dispute Resolution Service
c/o The Singapore Mediation Centre
1 Supreme Court Lane
Level 4
Singapore 178879
(65) 6332 4366 (office)
(65) 6333 5085 (fax)

Or email us at:

Dear Sir / Madam,

Conflict of registration of domain name.

I am the owner of a landscaping company based in Singapore, ABC Landscape Services and has been in the landscaping business since 2006.

When I decided to register a domain name for my company’s website, status of the domain name was being searched being available thus I proceed with the registration. Later, I got a reply from Singnet that it became unavalible and it was being registered by another NON-Landscaping company (Orange xxx Pte Ltd) at the instant of my registration. Then, I was offered by Orange xxx Pte Ltd to buy over the domain name $3000-$5000, or I can rent from them. The offer was again pursued to me today and hereby I seek a dispute resolution from you.

Thank you.

The details of the process and correspondences as follows:

27 March 2011, I log in to Singnet to register a domain name: and at the search of the time, Singnet prompted me that the domain name is avalible, thus I proceed with the online registration and I was required to fax a copy of organization's documentation, such as Certificate from Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or International Enterprise (IE) Singapore to Singnet, and I have to quote the reference on the fax:

I did not get any email from singnet after I applied on line.

28 March 2011, 1500hrs, I emailed to Singnet:

Hi, i have registered to get the domain:

In order for you to process the domain application, we are required to fax us a copy of your organization's documentation, such as Certificate from Accounting and Corporate Regulatory Authority (ACRA) or International Enterprise (IE) Singapore.

at this moment, can we email you the soft copy as we do not have a fax?

thank you

I did not get any reply after that.

30 March 2011, 1304hrs, I faxed over the required documents to Singnet: 68732537.

On 30 March 2011, 1747hrs, I recived an email from singnet:

Dear Sir/Mdm,

We regret to inform you that while processing your application, your domain name is no longer available. From Sgnic website,




Creation Date: 28-Mar-2011 11:38:31

Expiration Date: 28-Mar-2012 11:38:31

Domain Status: OK

Thank you.


SingNet Registrar

SingNet Hostmaster(covering)


30 March 2011, 2019 hrs, I managed to call up +65.93435388 from Orange xxx PTE LTD and a guy named Vincent offered to sell me the domain name

2 April 2011 1640, Vincent called up again that he wants to rent me the domain name.

So, shall i call 999?