Friday, April 19, 2013

Mdm Chua Siang Keng, CSK Landscape Services

Today is my mum's 10 years anniversary. she passed away on 2003 April 19. I remember on that evening, it was the SARS period. i couldn't visit her. my sis did. i went to tiong barhu plaza to do my study. i had a very important paper on the next day. it was about late midnight and i receive a call from sis that mum couldn't make it. and she didnt. the whole morning we were arranging the after death stuff.  but the next morning, with 1 hour of sleep, i managed to scored well in my exam.

for what i remembered about mum is about her fighting spirit. Before she pass away, she would plan things ahead for every one. everything really well planned. she fought leukemia very well. i still remember how i listen to her story on her bed when she is having difficulty breathing.

For what she has done for us, i am what i am today.

thank you Mdm Chua Siang Keng.

Your children, Goh Puay Hoon and Goh Mia Chun would deeply love you in our heart.

for the past 10 years, you never appear in my dream. i even went to ask the taoist medium about how are you doing now, thou i don't really believe in them, but they tell me that they couldn't find you.

CSK Landscape Services is named after you. It shows your fighting spirit on life, on what a person should do in their life, not to what others tell us we should live.

I am sorry that at times i bang anger with you. slamming the door to show my unhappiness. now, i realized, you are my only advise to the true heart.

I really wish i had more time with you.

you didn't see me graduate. it's ok because in the end, i didn't use the cert for my job. don't worry.

if you got time, please wake dad up because he is still blur blur....

I love you for what u did for us and for what you are.

always remembered in our heart.

ah di.

Story of my mum from goh mia chun on Vimeo.