Thursday, July 31, 2008

I have reached Brazil!

hi guys! we have touched the south america land, Brazil. we are -3GMT in time, which is 11 hours younger than singapore. our freighter cruize needs to unload some goods in Salavador, north east of Brazil before going south for Argentina in 8 days where Hope Too gets alive again.

Great food in Brazil where we take all we want and go to the counter to weigh the food. it´s about S$15,00 per kilogram. so appitizing as there is rice like singapore ´chap chai pherng´ AKA mixed vegetable rice.

keep u guys update.

also, we would like to take this opportunity to catch this year´s Dakar Race
in Argentina and Chile, first time ever to be held here. we are planning our route of advancement. we are going to brazil first, then back to argentina to catch the Dakar race, then maybe to the southern most place in the planet, then go up by route 40 by chile to Bolivia, go peru for machu pichu before going into Columbia and fly to panama.....

now we are at

S 12deg 58,042´
W 038deg 30,653´


contrarian said...

Could I suggest that for Peru, you could consider Choquequirao instead of Macchu Pichu?
You'll see similar architecture and all, minus the tourist hordes that make Macchu Pichu remind you of Angkor now.
New York Times Travel section wrote a very good article about Choquequirao last year.

singaporedream said...

hi contrarian,

thanks for the recommandation. we always do not like touristic places but love the historics. no actual plans yet. like the taj mahal, we did not visit even we reached the door step.
ur posting here make us feel important. thanks!

contrarian said...

Here is the NYT link for you to read about Choquequirao:

singaporedream said...

thanks contrarian... it was useful