Saturday, February 14, 2015

Leaving Singapore. migrate to Alistan.

It really hurts whenever I hear friend telling me:

I am going to migrate.

Today when I met up with a friend, he shared with me about how upset he is when he didn't get some documentation completed for the migration process. I shared with him my experience in that country that he intend to lived in, especially being a new migrant and carries a 2nd class citizen in the new country, not on paper but on the face.

His dad, came to join in the conversation. very soon, he showed his frustration about being in Singapore. He felt betrayed, he felt cheated. After being a honest and hard working blue coller owner of a small enterprise of 30 years, this is his final straw. He told me how the current policies had affected his life and how this country, my country, our country had been managed from his point of view.

I kept quiet, holding both hands together and looked on the floor when he talked about it. I did not dare to look at his eyes but i can feel his frustration. I feel so ashamed not able to let him feel that this is his home, my home and our home.

I am very sad.