Monday, December 14, 2015

Food for the needy? Singapore style?

Today I went to visit my client and their foreign worker gave me a packet of biscuit. They said that an organization gave them 5 cartons of it. I took a closer look, it is going to EXPIRE TOMORROW.

The giver will say: I know it is going to expire but don't waste, give to these people they will be happy one. in their country they don't have this.

The receiver will say: Thank you so much, you are so generous.

The giver's heart says: You see? don't waste food. If I give this to other people, they will not appreciate. I give to these people and they treasure it.

My heart says:

- There shouldn't be the case of food wastage if inventory and logistic management are properly planned.

- Giving away the expired food to innocent people will make the giver less guilty; reducing their guilt of poor management and food wastage, and able to answer to their boss.

- this is unethical!

This goes the same when Singapore calls for humanitarian aids from the public, asking for food and clothings to assist other country that struck with natural disaster, then the public will make use of this chance to 'give away' their unwanted clothes.

Food for Thoughts?