Saturday, March 30, 2013

Work efficiency in Singapore

What does the petrol attendance in Singapore does?

Im not sure.

I am sure that if one could learn driving, one could top up petrol by themselves. Install a hand washing bay nearby for user to clean after self service. Disposable glove can be supplied.

Topping up of wiper liquid, cleaning of windows? i deemed not necessary. i can do it myself.

we saved 2-3 man power in one petrol station.

Just over our neighbour side, they have this self serve slot where we can use credit card to do payment before topping up our tank.

we saved 1 man power in one petrol station.

what about buying groceries in petrol station? that is not their main business, leave it to the supermarts or market.

we saved another 1-2 man power.

Carwash bay: 4 foreigners washing cars. Can we install good self service car wash bay at HDB (Public housing) carparks? CCTV may be installed to monitor vandalism.

we saved another 4 man power.

total about 7-10 man power saved in 1 petrol station.

so, what about these Singaporeans that is working for the petrol station?

they can be trained to be station manager, assistant manager. what about those foreigners? you tell me.