Sunday, March 20, 2011

Tunku Johor Motorcycle ride.

Late again! we are at Yong Peng!

After Crystal's birthday, we travel south towards yong peng, about 100km away from Malacca.

Believe it or not, this is Leo's house. we stayed with him again!
it has been a long time that Sam has not met up with her school mates, having 4 children now!
Mike, always on a look out on our blog, finally we got the chance to meet him!
catching up with the familiar faces again.

My mother in law, brother/sister in law, nieces and nephews.
We stayed in JB for a week. just to test trail on the feeling of getting used back to home. at the same time, we need to organize a little 'welcome' of our return to Singapore's birthday.

At last, i get to meet up with my buddies. though they made Sam and i waited for 1 hour by the highway but it's worth the wait. we are still on our trip and they came to meet us.

Delighted! thanks for the great dinner!
left to right:
Kelvin Tong, Panther Poh, Rebekah Chua, Katherine Koh, Patrick Ho, Sam Leong, Uncle Lim and Xiong.

I managed to have a coffee with the Johor biker's group. Then, they invited Sam and I to a Gala dinner in JB. the plan is:

meet at Danga bay with our Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan bin Muhammad Archibald, got to share our story with him. It was our very first approach with the royal family of Johor. Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan is a humble person. We shared over many things about countries to countries.

It is very unusual of Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan to go out without much escort. This time, it seems to be like a secret and private ride. Usually he will have uniformed police escort.

Six of us rode to the event hall. We could feel that the cars on the road are moving to the side as Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan rode near to them with the roaring Harley.

When we started to zoomed off from a red-turned-green- light, ride on and a car came out of a slit road from the left, looking from behind, i can only tell myself: oh SHTI, at that speed that they were riding, i don't think the Harley will have an ABS to stop in time. At that critical moment, Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan chose to bang into the big plastic barrier instead of braking (which i do not think it is the best solution). The impact caused his crashbar to dent but he still rode on. Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan kept his cool and continue riding slowly to get back the momentum. If this would happened to any Singaporean, we will get out of our bike and 'F' that reckless driver or to make a fuss over it.

1 of his bodyguard went to give verbal warning to the reckless driver that failed to gave way.

It was a grand entrance for us. there were about 100 big bikes lined up along the building and everyone was waiting for us for the event and dinner to start. They reserved a center among the row of bikers for Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan's Harley. I was looking around for a place to park. Then, Mr Din, our friend from Johor Bikers club that co-ordinated this outing, said he would park for us. Sam and I came down and he rode our bike, Hope Too, onto a special platform. Oh no, Hope Too is the star of tonight's show. I told Hope Too:

hey, stop shining around. put some mud on your face. Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan is here. He should be the brightest star tonight.

It was a biker's Gala dinner and the organization invited Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan. At the same time, I gave a little presentation to the bikers around, spreading the news of hope.

Sam and I were also invited to have dinner with Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan at a special table. I was scared as my table manners were very bad. I'm very hungry but i ate very minimal to avoid embarrassment with Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan sitting on my right, trying to refill my dish every time when it is empty.

The charity organization that was involved were also intrested in our trip. We spent the rest of the night chatting to them.

Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan and Che' Puan went back earlier with their escort. We still stay around to catch a breath with the close encounter with the royal family.

Thank you Din for organizing this outing. Din is also riding a cool Africa Twin in Johor.

this is Din's bike. We don't see any singaporean putting on the big singapore flag on our bike. why? we served national service and when we come out of the society, we ask back: what have 'they' given us? shame shame.

We forgot to take pictures with Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan and Che' Puan until when they are about to leave.

Honorable Y.M. Tunku Hassan on my right and Sam on my left.

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Article from the government website call overseas singaporean.

look at this!

we are in.