Thursday, August 28, 2008

lucky and unlucky day

my first companion, Peer, from Germany

fun with kids in Argentina!
Nice friends along the road.
Bolivia highway.
market in Bolivia. looks like the hawker center in singapore?

we nearly could not exit Argentina.

this was my email to Sandra of Dakarmotos, Buenos Aires.

hi sandra,

sorry for all the trouble. i knew you are there when we needed help. tell your friends at the custom (B.A.) that it has been solved. thanks!

it happen:

i went to the counter, the custom officer read my import document and threw the paper at my face twice! he spoke espanio that ... some thing about the stamp. im traveling with a german friend which spoke a little espanio. the officer spoke whole lot of shit to him to explain why he cant accept my document. we asked him how can we rectify this problem, that custom officer says don´t know!!!

he wrote some rubbish website to us which we cannot read the handwriting.

we went back to the nearest town and email you. meanwhile, we wait for another 4 hours and try again.

this time, we approached another officer. he just see a few items on my bike and ask me to go to the Bolivia customs for application.

when i was in the Bolivia custom office, which was the same office that we met the stupid officer, i saw him again and he did not disturb me.

so... what is the problem? he had a bad day and threw his temper at me? i wasn´t angry when he threw the paper at my face.

so lesson learn... must have good friend behind us, one like u.

thanks again!

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