Thursday, August 14, 2008

9 August 2008

the port at night at B.A. nice or not?

the Hubers... loving parents!

Hope Too at Dakar Motor. it's a workshop cum a bed to stay place with lovely people!

our bed at dakar motor... like home.

nice guy at sierra leone.

can u believe it? in brazil some bikes they have this. to prevent their neck cut by the string from the kite, where they have glass on the string, to cut other kites.

our indian and italian cook in the ship! i like them! they have a special character!

Paul Huber in their motor home for the next 3 years!

Independance day for Singapore!

it also marks a stamp when we reached Argentina.
we say goodbye to the crews in the ship, Grande Buenos Aires by Grimaldi. our entry documents was easily done... much easier to crate the bike and to fly into the port. also a very good rest. till today after much waiting, we get to stay in the famous Dakar Motors in Argentina.

we spend our first night in Buenos Aires (B.A.) in the 11 degrees celcius carpark by the port but with a warm family travelled from europe to B.A. with us on a 10 tonne truck. they have spent the last 8 years making this truck into a motor home, all self made and designed. they have detail plans, to travel south america for the next 3 years! i saw their plan and was shocked! the german couple, Mr and Mrs Huber was about the age of my father but he go wind surfing! both of them made me very homely, like our care taker. gave us meaningful advises and try to help us in all ways and advised alot on south america.

when will we meet again?

climate in south america is extreme! down south at patagonia now is winter, extreme cold. so we head north to bolivia 1st before going east to brazil. will take the patanal route to san paulo. there is a garden festival on 1st oct. we dont want to miss!

time is so tricky, my brazil visa ends sept 11. must reach san paulo at 1 oct, bolivia is the best time to travel now bcoz its dry but -20deg in night and 11deg in day.else after august would be wet. when we say wet will be travelling on mud, like the fresh mud on the pond and stick on your tyres! never try that before? i dont want to try.

Hope Too at last got his new big wind screen at dakar motor at a non-european price! we are so glad. got more repair to do. will stay here for a few days and meanwhile do up our bolivia visa!

yeh...we are the first singapore biker to travel to south america!!!!!!!

u fly here and rent a bike not counted ahhhh...

friends and loved ones that are worried about us for the past few weeks, because we got no sound and no news... sorry to keep u waiting.

the adventure starts!!

it is the point where we are heading back to singapore from the other end of the world.

if it's 9am in singapore, we are at 2am here, which means we are 11 hours younger than YOU! heee... we are happy.

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