Wednesday, July 22, 2009

bad bad bad...

we were very glad that Hope Too is on the move again after staying 19days with Gary and Heather.

we continued the journey north, about 1 hour or so, the bike started to lose power. i stopped by a gas station, took out the tank and adjusted the carbs.

after half hour, the bike had a loud cranking sound and we stopped. Gary came from 200km away and fetched us to the nearest motel. the next day, we loaned a truck for US$200+, loaded everything, including Hope Too and drive my 'whole family' towards Houston, where Dave 'adopted' us.

got some stocks in for the long stay at Dave's house.

i opened up the rear cylinder today, found that the piston is cracked, cylinder head is damaged. new valves were broken.
piston cracked. that semi circle black thing is a folded piece of metel from the valve seat.
again i took out some more parts today, 22nd july. the cylinder wall is cracked and chipped. the pieces couldn't be found. it could be inside the engine.

the connecting rod is bend side ways.
the piston is jammed on the cylinder wall.

where is our Hope? where is our Hope? if only in 2007 sept, Hope was not being stolen in malaysia. If only i had not been busy body and went to Malaysia to visit a friend in a Hospital. If only i had an extra lock to lock the wheel of Hope. This would not happen to me now with Hope Too.

give me a place to complain.

let me have some time off to think about another solution.
i do not want to end the trip.

i do not want to buy another motorcycle.
if anyone could help me to find an engine in anypart of the world, i would need to replace that urgently and desprately.
why? why me again?
goh mia chun

Monday, July 20, 2009

it could be END OF THE TRIP

finally after 19 days in gary and heather's house, we got hope too into pieces and today, we waved bye bye to Gary and heather. im really touched for what they did for us.

we rode for about 150km, the bike lost power. couldn't go up more than 5000rpm.

then another 80km, there is a very loud cracking sound, like a nut in the engine was loose.

the bike can't go on anymore.

Now we are preparing to tow it back to Houston, Dave's house, which is about 400-500km away.

im writing this in a motel now. the most expensive place that we ever stayed for the past 1 year. waiting for the truck to arrive tomorrow.

now we have a few choice:

1) i have to open the bike myself and hope that it's just a small nut/screw that i could fix it back myself, if not
2) i have to get really good mechnic here that they would rebuilt the engine but nobody in usa knows how to repair this bike as it is not avalible in usa.
3) sent the bike back to singapore and buy another bike here.
4) end the trip as Hope Too would not be with us and there isn't any meaning.

we can't go back to Gary and Heather's house because i think we had disturbed their normal life. Gary is a real person that would help us, all out. like today, he came just to fetch us from the highway where the bike is stucked, to the motel. he droved 230km here and 230km back. its like singapore to malacca and back.

we don't know what to do now. im supposed to be in Rhode Island on 25 July 2009 for an inportant confrence but now, i can't go. yes i can take a flight there but i had to stay at the hotel and had transport difficulty.

what shall i do?

i really want Hope Too to be alive again.

Thursday, July 16, 2009

Previous pic part 1. The parcel arrived!

the parcel finally arrived from singapore. Heather immideatly drove me to the workshop although she is very tired. I appriciated.

It was Brooks Elliott Cyliner Heads
2311 P Thornton rd, austin, TX.
(512) 442-5454

what he did was:

remove and replace valve guides
hone guides to size
check new valves for run-out
machine valve seats using spec's from repair manual
check spring heights
assemble with new valves and seals.
cost: US$250-350
duration:3 days+

meanwhile, gary help me to hone (brush out excessive material using a spinning machine that cuts) the cylinder to fit the size of the new 0.25 piston ring that we ordered. after a few minute of work, we find that the 0.25 ring is too tight for the current cylinder. a few method we could get the piston ring fixed:

1) continue to hone the cylinder and take out more materials to fit the 0.25 rings and file the end of the rings to specification.
2) order a set of OEM (original) rings from singapore again. (got to wait)
3) purchase a set of OEM rings here in usa but the problem is:

can anyone advise me if the shadow 750 piston ring fits into my bike? my VIN number is JH2RD07A9WM302728

a guy from a motorbike forum left a message for me:

Hi!If you have covered such a high milage with a faulty air filter, probably you will need some new is a simple task, you will just have to deglaze the bore and fit some new rings. When you do that , just replace the valve seals and this should solve your burning oil problems. You can use Honda Shadow 750 rings and valve seals, since both models share those engine components ....and Shadow 750 was widely available in USA market... It is :13011MV1305 for the rings 12208-413-003 for intake valve seals12209-413-003 for exhaust valve sealWorld of Powersports w/ MC MART's 2000 Honda Street Bike VT750C SHADOW Parts Finder this is Honda Shadow in States...Motorbike components for Honda XRV-750-W (G) this is Africa Twin in will notice the same part numbers.. .. good luck..

hmm, tomorrow we will find out more!

previous pictures part 2