Tuesday, January 29, 2008

NEPAL -- start point of 2nd wave of our RTW.

we left bkk on friday, 25 jan. took the cheapest flight, ended up flight delay. not so bad. according to my gps, bkk airport is about 6m above sea level. the plane took off using 350km/hr speed, get into 50m above sea level for awhile and end up cruzing in the height of 1500m above sea level towards kathmadu (nepal).

nearing to destination, the plane landed only at 1300m above sealevel. meaning to say this Capital of nepal is soooo high! the plane juz desend 200m and landed! reached kathmadu (ktm) at local time 430pm. next day sat is a public holiday for them. since Hope Too has landed 2 days before us, i could clear the bike from the custom when i land. due to the delay of flight, and reached ktm juz 30mins before their knock off time, we got to wait for 2 days, which is a sunday, then we can process. so we checked into the guest house.

KTM was a madness! the city road is only 4meters width and the pedestrains are walking on the road. motorcycles, cars, trucks, taxis, trishaw, bullcart, bicycle, cow, goats, children, man and women are using the road. in every traffic junctions there are no traffic lights. every vehicle owners uses their horn like their lungs breathing! it's more crowded than singapore's chinatown during chinese new year.

today, we are at pohkara (phkr), a more peaceful place to rest our mind.

my wife isn't feeling good. last night vomited 3-4times. suspected food poisoning. today she still garang and insist on starting the road ride from KTM to phkr. she puke once at the petrol station. the journey here on map, using straight ruler measurement method is only 100km distance. using the law of North south highway, 120km we should reach yong peng in 1 hr or less from Gelang Patah. BUT we start at 930am from KTM, took me 30minutes to struggle out of the town, reached phkr at 330pm. its a long and winding road. the road are rough on Hope Too. it's her 1st trip with 100% load. Hope Too was afraid that the brackets made by SengKwang Metal couldn't take the terrain. i see the actual distance covered. it's 200km!

the road here was sooooooooo nice. beautiful lakes and great mountain. we are riding so near to the world's tallest mountain!

internet access here is not so advance as at home. i got to go back to room to think of a way to send more pic and update you folks what's happening in this world.

good night! (GMT +545hrs)


biking nomad said...

Hi Goh & Sam,

Glad to hear you're now in Nepal. Almost the roof of the world!

I suppose this is where the real fun in the adventure begins! Look forward to lots more pics and stories.

I think it would be great if you could find a way to host your images on photobucket as you could then host more pictures. Also, you will have some kind of back-up copies.

If you'd like I could help to post some of your pics and posts on the advrider.com forum. The community will be glad to hear about your ride. I will send you the links to it and also the short post I wrote about your trip on my blog.

Look fwd to hearing from you. Stay safe on the road but have lots of fun. Do you have a plan of how u'll be heading through nepal/india/pakistan? Will be really keen to track your journey.

Biking Nomad

singaporedream said...

hi biking nomad. tks for ur support. CNY in India is terrible. we cooked our own food and give each other angpao. apart of the Ganga Festival in Varanasi which draws soooo much crowd frm all over india to this holiest river, we still enjoyed our stay. as 4 photobucket, i will try to use it when i got better internet access. some guest houses provide free internet access.
once again, GXFC = gong xi fa cai