Wednesday, February 6, 2008


hello everyone back in singapore, drink beers, eating steamboat with family, buying new clothes and watching the count down TCS 8 in your comfortable living room with your family.

we are at Varanasi, India now. highway roads are deadly with rushing trucks and buses coming into your lane and squeeze you to the side of the road. i got to look out holes, cows, man, trishaw, bikes and everything that is about 100m of my radius.

city condition is bad. jammed with rickshaws and human! Hope Too goes screaming as her heater fan turns on.

we read the lonely planet, guest house is about 100-200IRP per night ( SGD$3.80-$7.60) but that was on the date of published. we went in it was 450-600IRP (SGD$17.00 - $22.00)! we ended up going round again to search for the safest (for Hope Too) and cheapest around. there are many many guest house we can stay but they do not have carpark. we end up staying in 300IRP (SGD$11.40) with lousy toilet and 20 mosqito to fly around your ears when we sleep.

terrible! i got to cover Hope Too as soon as i stop anywhere but not possible because they would come like magnet and look, touch, observe Hope Too and us. when we about to leave a meal point, looking back it was like a village meeting, causing traffic jam along the highway because trucks also stopped to view us.

last point was at Nepal, Lumbini where we visited the birth place of the Buddha. we stayed in a Korean Temple where lodging is free. the meal and lodging is the best and most peaceful that i can ever get! Sam slept in ladies dorm with 2 china and a japanese girl. i slept alone in a big dorm. all 3 meals was provided and Hope Too was sleeping outside our dorm. i feel so safe! meal was buffet style with big pots of home cook food. u gotta wash your own dishes and make your own bed. i want to stay longer till chinese new year but it's too comfortable here. all you need is a donation into the box and that's it!

we left early morning to the border. getting into india is easy. all documents done!

we set off to a town called Bauhalganj. only hotel is full as there's a wedding function going on. we were to wait outside the hotel and surrounded by about 20-30man, touching Hope Too and look like us as if we were from Mars.

note: when i say hotel, the standard is dusty road, people spiting in front of u, along the fence of the road there are man urinating like a public toilet. the hotel is like Jalan Besah type of building, facilities are in 1960s and there isn't much lights. toilets are always wet with many mosquito, blanket/bedsheet/pillowcase are used and dirty! no bare foot in the room as the floor is very dirty! AND THEY ARE CHARGING US 300IRP!>!>?!??!?!?!?@#?$#mfskhfi#$oH5 B'QERlwejfl:k$jTU48 05$^$#^%#$!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

i miss CNY. chinese new year songs, greetings, goodies, food, relative and friends. can somebody mms me photo of food and pic of CNY? can somebody MMS me songs of CNY?

i recive mms and sms free!

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