Saturday, January 12, 2008

many nights in Bangkok.

hi folks!

we are at Asha Guest House. many blonde hair travellers. we are the only asian 'stayer'. 350B per night, it's like a normal thai HDB one room flat, shared toilet, no aircon. when u take off the shoe in the room your feet become black. I can say its very good for us as there is free internet, 10meters length swimming pool. free washing machine. private place to 'sun' your laundry. safe vehicle parking place as the carpark is enclosed! got 7-11. DVD and VCD room. can meet alot of travellers here. budget and Cosy!!!

check out this guest house. only that no night life, 10min walk to BTS. can take taxi as it is cheaper than tuk tuk and BTS for us.

if u got lap top u can surf wifi in the room.

near Weekend market.

N 13 degree, 47.378'
E100degree, 33.156'

monday we will be going back to TAC to see the bike.they are requesting for quotation for wood crate for her. last quoted price was 12000B = SGD$600.00 for that WOOD!!! that exclude other charges.....

our cheapest airline to Nepal is 9700B = SGD$500.00 per person.

if burma is opened to travel with my bike, we can save alot.

that is to say my trip will start at Katmathu (Nepal).

going to bangkok for singaporean bikers are common already... the thing is can we tolerate the jam? esp when im with this big buffolo!!!

malayu saying: tak boleh tahan!!! panas!

then the bike's hair dryer has turned on.... makes you more fustrated!!!!

stay at Asha for a few days for self study... no place to go in BKK.
sorry. these few days got nt much advanture.
paiseh Agnes, came to bangkok for a stop over and we did not manage to meet up. c u back in singapore ok? then u bring me go to that pub to eat the.....

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brifusg said...

Keep it up! We are all behind you!