Tuesday, January 22, 2008


dear friends, some infomation from fellow world biker travellers, the budget for RTW bike trip quote from the website : http://www.ultimatejourney.com/prep.html

in us dollars 3 to 4yrs ago, not forgetting fuel price went up 10 times!

Our day-to-day total was $96,141, or $62.47/day. This includes over $20,000 for the first 6 months in Europe, or most expensive continent! Take out Europe, and we're at under $57/day
The above does not include med and/or moto insurance, airfare, motorcycle shipping, and other major purchases. Add another $23,339 and the total jumps to $119,480, or $77.63/day.

due to my funding, i hope fellow Singaporeans can support us by buying stickers or the local product from us to help our funding. i may cost a bit more than buying off the rack but the aim is to help us in funding, instead of donating cash to us.

time to time, i would post funding blog, please support. i will arrange postage to you as i will post the product back to my friend back in Singapore and you can contact them. my friend will send the $ to my bank account. they are my best bike ridding buddies back at home.
DTAC: the thai local mobile network. can't find this in Singapore. going at SGD$20.00. lenght of stickers is about 6 to 7 inches.

the royal sticker. must have while travelling in thailand. this badge is worn by the king. now if you notice alot of the thai celebrate the king's 80th birthday, they are wearing a yellow polo t shirt with this logo printed on the chest pocket. stick it on your bike's windscreen and get better respect from the local and the police which meant that you love the thai king also!

SGD$25.00 height of sticker is 6 - 7 inches.

buy both at a rate of SGD$40.00 instead of SDG$45.00.

leave me a message or email me. as soon as i got any wifi network i will reply asap.


goh and sam


Anonymous said...


Just wanted to thank you for sharing your journey. Loving every post!

And its going to get more intersting now that your'e heading to South Asia. Nepal's going to be a blast and you must spend more time in India.

Every region and city is going to be so different. But be careful what you eat and drink! :)

Do you have a route or is the route dependent on your immediate plans?

I have written a short post on my blog about your journey and also posted about it on advrider.com. I have provided the links below and I hope they help you in spreading the word about your journey.

Admire your fortitude to make your dreams come true. And you are truly most fortunate to have such a supportive and brave partner.

Ride hard, ride safe and take lots of pics!


Biking Nomad



Anonymous said...

hi,i am fay and from singapore.

may i please know your email address?

additionally, i would like to get the royal sticker of thailand.

please contact me at firdausbmm@hotmail.com

thank you.