Friday, January 11, 2008

great change of enviro...

the thai custom officer are great. they dont accept bribe or take advantage of u when u got 'special' case. i travelled from betong, 250km north to hatyai, the corners and road are amazing. it took me 5 - 6 hrs to cover this route. it took me 8 days to reach hatyai.... u try taking the route im taking. for more GPS infomation and the actual track that i have taken, please contact panther poh or sam leong.

9 jan, set off at 8am... reach a beach site, out of the highway 600km away. cool place. 300B for a night. chalet type. u can see your bike just out of reach of ur bed window. when the door open u can see the south china sea. the host is very village and dont care much where u come from or where u going or what bike you riding. they concerned about your stay, ur comfort and ur feelings.

10jan, moved to bangkok. took this big buffolo in this world known traffic jam happening place. i met Suthep. will be meeting him next week again before i fly to Nepal.
when i finally made my way to Bangkok City Inn, they said its full. opposite ticketing counter recommand me to stay a hotel named PJ something.... only 1100B. if walk in is 1600B and they have room now. im afraid i couldnt make it to that place because the jam has becoming jamer and jammer! i did not commit to that counter. we moved to see that PJ hotel. its cosy. safe bike parking space. walk in counter rate is 1600B. they only accept voucher purchase and reservation in advance. it's about 530pm. we were shag out. i decided to leave my wife and the 2 big boxes at that PJ hotel lobby for a rest while i ride back to that ticketing counter to buy the voucher. i moved out and stopped by the police. saying im travelling at the bus lane. i pretended not to understand thai language. he demanded to see my licence... which i left with my wife! he wanted to fine me for 500B without a recipt. u get what i mean? he can write the four letter word: F-I-N-E. then he say that fine is for not having a licence with me. he wanted to bring me to the station... not good i think because my wife and all the document are not with me and she is alone!!! not to engage into any trouble, i gave my biggest smile and friendly pat, showed my 500B note in my purse and his eyes were shining!!!! i requested him to escot me back to PJ and i need to talk to my wife, he escoted me. then he escoted me to the ticket office, then to the hotel. i think it is not right of him to do this. getting out of his post. he caught my minor mistake and they can make it troublesome. its at Patunum... that World Trade Center Stretch. near the 4 faced buddha...

Patunum, its not a good place for singaporean to stay around that place because Steve got fined once for throwing cigrette butt along the road for 2000B. when i go to that place with Steve again, he warned me again about his experience. we smoked and he extingush his butt in the soil and i followed. very quickly, that brown man tapped on our shoulder and followed him, handed a 2000B fine without a recipt. if we want a recipt, he would want us to hand over the passport and you don't know what he will do about it. they are always watching you... walking and waiting for you to do minor mistake because we are tourist!!!!

this is what Bangkok is made of. the hotel we are staying is about 1650B!!! about SGD $60-70. i cant take it! from that beautiful beach that cost S$12 to bangkok $60 plus a service charge from the police (S$22). what is happening to this world?!

im going to ship my bike tomorrow... see how it goes!


brifusg said...

Keep it up! All the best!

singaporedream said...

thanks brifusg, will try to keep the pace up, but on my own pace. thanks for taking time to read my blog