Saturday, January 5, 2008

eNews from Channel Newsasia on GOH & SAM's trip

SINGAPORE : A young husband-and-wife team has embarked on a journey of a lifetime - an 18-month trip around the world on a motorbike.

Goh Mia Chun and his wife Pan Ling Hong quit their jobs to go on this trip that will take them through 48 countries.

"My motive is to see as much as possible, to experience as much as possible and to see the world," said Goh.

If they succeed, they'll be the first Singapore couple to complete this route.
It has taken them five years to plan the trip and there have been bumps along the way.
They spent S$40,000 on a motorbike and modifications such as a larger fuel tank.

But their motorbike was stolen in October while travelling in Malaysia.
The couple had to spend 40% of their budget to buy a replacement.
Shortly before leaving, the couple prayed before locking up their home.

Fellow bikers accompanied them to Tuas Checkpoint to give them a proper send-off on their marathon journey.
Source: Margaret Perry 2008, S'pore couple embarks on 18-month trip around world on motorbike ,, viewed 4th January 2008
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