Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Fuel price up... everything increase.. esp transportation

on the way up north from singapore, we spent the most on petrol. it's quite X in thailand. malaysia still cheaper. i finally got my final bill from Mr Thanit. total:

57580B = SGD$2600.00!!!

just to ship the bike.... excluding our air tickets to nepal (about 19400B = S$880 for the two person), crate fee and the days and days of waiting time in bangkok which include accomadation and food.

fuel surcharge used to be 2B per KG.. but now is 20B!!!

the crate maybe abit over sized but we are comfortable about it. we did compared with the previous traveller's cost, about there... just that their fuel surcharge is only 2B per KG!!!

my total volumatric weight is 636kg. quite tricky about this as they calculated to me. the volume of my crate, convert to meters per kg. then i get my 636kg. not the weight of my goods but the volume over weight issue.

the cost as break down:

airfreight charge 57B/ kg
crisis surcharge 2B/kg
Fuel surcharge 20B/kg (used to be 2B/kg... tell me why fuel gone up so high??!?!?!?)
KTM (katmadu) surcharge 1B/kg
dangerous goods fee 700B / shipment
handling charges 4000B / shipment
wooden crate (paid to PT Packing seprately) 6000B, Thanit quoted me 11or 12thousand for that.
trucking (from warehouse to airport) 2000B / truck.

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