Monday, January 7, 2008

Picz taken on 1st Jan (C anyone familiar??!!)

my family
stephen... great clementine neighbour: hey... last time want to buy your bike ley...
fellow seahorses... im glad sunray is here. the KING!!!

my child hood buddies... best@@!!!!

our senior bikers. when they started throttering, i was still playing lego!

crystal and song. thanks for sending us off.

54A and 54B. tango yankee.

best member of block 330.

Agnes, Yao and sister. naderay malekum.

my 54sierra and 54chalie.

Fred! he had inspired me to go such trip. he had surprised me by attending my sending off. i look forward him into touring. thanks fred. u inspired me!

HADI and LEON!!!! u guys gave me good result in school! motivator!
this is me, panther (organizer), my dad, and my wife.

Andvin, young entrepreneur. he took care of my customer. any landscape enquries can call him at 97484700.

my mentor for arboriculture work. he taught me alot on tree inspection and tree surgery. we can see Derek Yap as the best tree doctor in singapore! 98381751. hi girlfriend willingly helped me to search for potential sponsors also! they sponsored my wife an all weather windbreaker that cost S$300++. and also gave me a S$400++ winter wear!

Twee Kiang, my senior biker when i was at poly days. he took care of the junior bikers in the band. taught me many things also!

min liang, thanks for coming! u represented the Tanglin Secondary Band (AKA TTMB). ur attandance alone made me feel worthy. thank you!

Teo Landscape & Maintenance.

Mr Steve Chia. your attandance to us made the journey more meaningful!

thank you.
thank you all
thank you all very much!

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