Sunday, January 20, 2008

chiang mai tour

Doi Suthep:
Chiang mai in the dark sky, bright lights!

at last we can taste the 'beer dam' guiness stout!!! fresh. last tasted was at clementi!!

bikers from??????

wierd plates, from japan?

Hope Too is at the cargo airport now. 18 jan, Asha guest house didnt gave us a good security of a place to stay. we decide to check out and take a bus to chiang mai. 19 jan there is a HU mini meeting, where alot of bikers from all corner of the world gather and exchange info.

so what is HU? check out on the net, i got a lot of infomation about RTW on this website. many travellers update their log on this page thus it helps on my trip.
where is the driver???

we spent 5 hrs at the mochit bus station by reading books. the bus station was very well organized. we took a 520B ticket, 10hrs. when we reached chiangmai, it was 6am and we checked into Top North guest house.

Next day we rented a 120B/day honda dream, the original scooter from honda. good enough for the both of us to turn around in this town. 6pm, 19 jan, we attended the mini meeting hosted by bob. we get to know bikers from germany, canada, australia, usa..... we were welcomed to stay at their place! most of them are very senior. it was really a good dinner and a good meet up! it was such an eye opener for me, as a HDB kid.

sunday, 20 jan, went up to doi suthep. the honda dream serve us well.
some donations from Singaporeans
this frangipani,- in my experience of trading this tree, it must be more than 200 years!
from Doi Suthep:
we got good news from thanit that Hope Too is gonna fly on coming wednesday. thus we shall fly to nepal on friday, by the cheapest airline avalible.

tomorrow we are taking a train back to bangkok, first time in our life taking a train, not our mass rapid transit back in singapore but a railway train that is going to take us 14hours!

chiang mai, not very cool at this time. lots of big bike shop and good travel info to gather!

thanks Bob, for organizing the mini HU meeting, has been very enriching. he is one that did not left us alone!! great host!

my honour to meet Dr Gregory W. Frazier, the only motorcyclist known to have made four solo motorcycle rides around the world. check out

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