Wednesday, January 16, 2008

tough time packing Hope Too

my bike, named Hope Too, was finally being packed and crated today. mr thanit quoted me 11000B just for packing. lucky i did some homework from previous travellers. i insisted using other packing companies. i found PT Packing house. at first with that diamension, they quoted me 11000B also (indicating that they are using approved wood because im sending the product to nepal), after a few hours of phone calls and pusuation, they called me back and agree with my quote: 6000B.

PT did arrived and we were very satisfied with their job. i did a bit of admendment to the crate, which caused them to do extra work but the admendment save me about 18 cubic foot of space! i tipped the 3 of them 40B each. they are happy, i am happy, PT boss is happy, mr Thanit is happy. everyone is HAPPY!!!!

later in the afternoon, we took a bus ride to suthep's workshop at nonthaburi for some admin stuff. i only know how to get there on my motorbike. taking public transport is a challange to us. we been into the wrong bus, getting into the wrong route but we met many nice thais around that willingly showed us the direction.

taking bus and the mini bus were cheap. 15B odd for bus, 20B for the comfortable minibus that is only labelled in thai words. these are the cheap transport taken by the local. i found out that taking BTS(skytrain) and TukTuk is expensive in bangkok! for the 2 of us taking BTS cost us 35B each where the same journey and destination cost us about 10B each! as for TukTuk (cheap cheap), looks cheap but not! they only know how to go to tourist attraction places as compared to the taxi there, once got in, meter start 35B. the meter doesnt click so fierce like in singapore. depending on the time of travel, if at traffic jam hours, then u better take a BTS is you want to reach the destination on time. the taxi driver don't talk cock with you in their cabin. ask you where you want to go and that's it! everytime i take taxi, i would take out my GPS and make sure they don't Alibaba (to short change) me.

we went to the pantip plaza for IT window shopping.... very similar to sim lim. not bad.... and we found the long lost : A&W. not seen in spore and malaysia for long time!!!! yeh!

then walked down to the nearest BTS station: Rachathewi. there is a row of nice cosy pub with acostic singing. we have our dinner at the charcoal BBQ buffet, similar to the marina south type at 89B per person. good deal! as it was a charcoal type, the food turned out to be nice, just abit salty. what they are promoting is the beers there, as there are nice gals wearing tight skirts of the brand of beer they are promoting. we save cost: just have 2 bottles of plain water. it was something special for us because everyday we have been eating roadside thai food. enjoyed!!!

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