Friday, January 4, 2008

Im at cameron highland

hi folks! im very touched on the day of sending off.. having mr Steve Chia as the guest of honour is our pleasure. not forgeting all, every single one that attended the sent off party. Panther poh help me to organize the event. Sam Leong: having severe injury from bike accident oso come down. all the uncle bikers... those that have given me ang pao on that day:stephen, patrick, Lta Low, Paxson99 (first tank of petrol), Panther Poh, Ah yao + sister + Agnes, Brother Tiong Hock and family, Chong + Gary.

also Ah tong,.... help me to take pictures and settle the starhub problem.

i went to JB, my mother in law house. to stay for 3 days. we need to repack our heavy stuff.... adjust the chain. now it's more balanced. we also brought DVD on : Ghandi, and watched it to understand more about the world. it's a good rest for us to stop at my in law house. also a good time for my wife to meet up with the family.

when we were repacking and i was doing up my tyres, i realised the electrical pump cannot be trusted! and also i forgot to buy a handpump....

thanks to Yang, my biking buddie... managed to buy and get into my hands.

also thanks to Desmond Kong and Cindy Lam, sponsored me in buying my two helmets for $300.00.

thanks to micheal and jiawei.. helping me to do admin stuff and selling away my used stuff (not underwear....but can be sold at a price if u want) to raise fund.

thanks to yvette, helping me to manage this blog....

thanks to my blood sister GPH, growing up together and helped me to manage my personal stuff.....

i be here maybe for 2-4days... then go to greik highway, mayb go Betong.

Im now at:
N 04 degree 24.928'
E 101 degree 23.968'
elevation 1024meter.


Anonymous said...

Try out the traditional massage at Camerons' main town near the police station and opposite the big strawberry farm.

Remem we'll be waiting for you 18mths later with one of the helmets at GP!

Desmond Kong (aka Casper4XXX) & Cindy Lam

Suresh JB said...

All the best i missed the kick off but nevertheless my blessings to you and all the best, ride safely. God bless you and if after 18 months your return trip is via malaysia do call me, your stay in JB would be sponsored. Bring back sweet memories and be extra careful, REMEMBER as not everyone out there are like us FELLOW BIKERS. All the best once again.."RIDE TO LIVE and LIVE TO RIDE"

singaporedream said...

thanks suresh. i wish to come back to singapore via JB. keep an update of my news.