Monday, December 31, 2007

We are ready to set off !!!!

Dear friends, after 1st read up about round the world trip (RTW) 10 years ago, after inspritation 5 years ago, after planning 3 years ago, after implemantation 16 months ago, after 30days of full preparation by the two of us,


we be eating lunch at the coffeeshop (clementi Ave 2) at about 11-1230, then 1pm we will go by AYE towards 2nd link, then will stay at my in-law house at JB (tun aminah nearby) for a day or so...

we do welcome fellow well wishes, friends and relatives.

a handshake meant alot for us.

average, we will be updating the blog at least once or twice a week depending of Wifi avalibility or if we met any cybercafe.

this will be the last blog update for me in singapore, as i am going to cancel my internet access and phone line on 31st dec 2006

Singapore dream round the world trip made possible, with a dream and desire. we may not cover all 48 countries in 18 months but to experience as much as possible.

I will miss my home, where everything looked so familiar, where the soil and land i belong to, where i will protect because it is my home.

till today, i sent out 60 letters out to big companies out there and only 4 replied with blessings but without sponsoring, i would liked to thank them for replying me, as to a person they do not know.

for the rest of the 56 companies, im still waiting. more marketing opportunities awaits u and me!

Hii Junhui and my buddie Leong Kah Wei contrubuted to my RTW funding. Thank you.

a friend asked me a question... if i were to call back singapore, who will i call? my answer.....
my answer.... im still finding the answer today. er... maybe roam charges expensive lah.... but will mass contact everybody thro this blog.

i live my life without regrads. for those that i loved and i left, you will always have a room in my heart.

my mum, lived a life full of regrads, gave me most inspration.

when i was young, i always like to read and browse picture of the planet and universe. the universe is so great! the earth is so tiny. few hundred million years old planet earth lived. i only have one life. to use to the fullest. we have the ability to use our life to do what ever we want to but we do not own our life. its so vulnerable. today u maybe talking to someone but tomorrow you heard that he is gone.

i used to have a customer... he was very hard working. we are in landscape industry as it is a tough job but he was very happy. he told me next month he is going to retire and join his family in new zealand. he told me that it was such a wonderful place......few days later, he was gone, gone and really gone.

isn't it scary that you just sleep, next morning you couldn't wake up?

my friend... don't think too much.... just go enjoy and see the world!

while clearing my files and drawers, i found this cutting in my file. it was 10 years ago.... it has always been with me in the drawer. it kept me going... going and going....

thank you!


Anonymous said...

Mr Goh Sorry that we cannot make it in time to go to your set off. adelle see wrong time thought from 12.30 to 3pm than u go off. All the best for the dream ok. do email us if u need any help and we will pray for u very hard.

all the best,
matthew teo & adelle wang

Anonymous said...

Hey buddy,

I got your SMS! Glad that you're finally executing your plan for the Singapore Dream. I wish you all the best. And Happy New Year to you!

New York