Monday, December 3, 2007

things to be done!!!

my GPS sponsors! thank you...
28 days count down. still lots of things not yet to be done.

1) some big companies/organisations still owe me (My company) small money. u should know who u are......they check and check and will check at let u know. ask them when they say they will call XXX and let u know again. "er... i sent the cheque a week ago", i think they have the habit of dragging small contractor's $$$.

2) we be visiting 40 odd countries. we have NOT done ANY VISA for ANY of the countries yet! some countries has no embessy in singapore, nearest is mayb washington or russia or japan. worst, my wife and i are holding 2 passport of different nationality! its a good challange!

3) personal clothings not planned yet... we gota search for the lightest, durable, smallest, quick dry, all purpose type. for cold and for tropical.

4) my house is still in a mess.... Ling Hong Juz quit her job. anyone willing to spare me a store room for 18 mths???

5) Ling Hong have not bought her boots for riding. we have not got our glove for riding. we are still waiting for our paid back protector from JR Pte Ltd. saying their shipment will arrive very soon. then very soon.... very soon, coming next week, i will let u know... blah blah blah.

6) our first aid kit not ready. nothing bought~ this is a very personal tinggy. it must be customized.

7) MY SPONSORS!!!!!!$$$!!!! The amount of $$$ i have is definatly not enough to come back.
Q n A:

Q: how much is enough?
A: $$$ for singaporean always not enough. if i got a million, when i come to a 2 star hotel and a 6 star hotel, i will definatly go for the 6 stars. i would go for a better comfort and luxuary living. if im with a tight budget, i will save to the max!

Q: how can the sponsors help you?
A: I need a banker. some body that is supporting behind me in CASH $$$ when my fund is drained. I would also need my sponsors to provide me with overseas reliable contacts that i can link up with, staying at their home, sharing my experience in singapore and helping out in any ways. A telecommunication sponsorship for usage of my mobile autoroaming around the 40 odd countries would be great! and also wireless/internet access anywhere around the world. u can test the reliability of signals along my travel route.

Q: how can the sponsors benefit?
A: Kharma?.... nah... its the spirit. you can challange us but do support us. if my bike got stolen again, will anyone send $ to me? if i got into accident or minefield and my leg needed to be amputed for exchange for my life, will anyone send $ for my wife?
i) those friends that have given me the $ and supported me in giving me the equipment that i needed, you will definatly have the chance to mark on my bike. we will always remember u in our heart.
ii) for any commercial sponsors, your company will have the chance to paste a sticker on my bike. we are going to carry your brand around the world. especially singapore home made brands. we can discuss about your requirements in media and advertising.

Q: how will you spend the $?
A: this 18mth trip is not a honeymoon nor holiday. its a gap year on our life where we go out and experience life and find out the unknown. we invested in a S$600.00 tent because we will be staying in temple, backyard of strangers, greens and any other places that u can never think of! staying 10 days in the tent makes our return of investment. (10 days x $60 = $600.00) the rest of the days in tent is a profit in $. in high living expenses countries, we will try to self cook. but there are lots of neccessery stuff that we have to spend like visa application, petrol, medication, safety, government taxes, bike wear and tear.... all of these are unforseen!

Q: how can i pass the $ to u? how can we meet u for furthur discussion?
A: email me atmailto: or ,identify yourself and i would reply ASAP.

Q: can i send u jokes to your email?
A: this is a business email. going for 18mths round the world is a business! if you feel its ok to send jokes or spam mail to a business email, please do so.
Q: you are riding a Honda Motorbike. can the Honda sole agent in singapore or Honda Japan sponsor or help u in your trip?

8) our bike. a whole toilet roll of items to be repaired, fixed, check, orientated and tested. i do not have any transport at this moment. the bike is at my friend's workshop M-Technik Motorsports LLP at ubi. he supported my idea and gave me a brand new rear suspension. spares has to be bought, the bike has to be tested for a few times before the actual date. anyway, if anything break down along the way, how ah????

9) our friends and relatives: i love you all. you shall let us go. it may be dangerous outside but it may not be safe at home. do encourage me to explore and return in a wiser state, to share with our fellow singaporeans! i wanna meet up with you all!


Anonymous said...

come across your website through my frens' who are renting your house now.

Interesting trip as I myself also did the same (for shorter trip) 2 years ago alone.

Pls. buy insurance if possible bcoz u dun now how things are there.

singaporedream said...

yes... we had bought some accident insurance.thank you for your concern. please do save our blog as your favorite. we will be updating our trip along.

take care and best of your career.