Thursday, December 27, 2007

thank u... abit of my riding profile..

it's biking that brought me freedom when i was 17 years old, i first sat on a friend yamaha RD125 powervalve.

my parents wouldn't allow to sit on motorbike, then they say:IF YOU DARE TO SIT ON ANYONE'S BIKE I GONNA BREAK YOUR LEGS!
luckily i did not sit on anyone's bike after they warn me, so instead, i go learn and sit on my own bike!

got my 1st bike in 1995 Yamaha RXZ
then go JB for modification, buy stuff, get into illegal racings... got sick of running away from TP.

decided to buy honda helix 250cc when i got 2A, first bike trip was with the Two Wheelers then. go kota tinggi.

got my ST11 in 1998 may, go Phuket in 1998 june. go hatyai charity ride in 1998 dec.
go NS in 1999.

1999-2001 just went to a few charity rides and usual malaysia 1-4 days rides.

2001 dec went to surat thani 3nation ride and went up bangkok, met a new gf and pillion her up NorthEast of thailand to her hometown alone (one bike) place... stayed around for a few weeks before coming back to singapore alone. that was really daring of me doing it alone without any spares or Kakis.

2003 go Mae Hon Son and Laos. juz me and another GS (my secondary school friend), he lagi daring... first trip to thailand and we shoot up to all these places already... i got no experience in going up north,,... Juz shoot only. Laos also juz shoot.

2004 bought KTM 640 advanture, together, 8 close friends venture into cambodia. 150km of road takes us 6-8hrs.... that's how the road was. i would not want to travel that road again....

2005 Chinese new year, my wife and i went to Chiang Rai on my ST11 solo. we did a 12 days plan and everything was very casual... we love it!

2006 got married... started business...

2007 dec 27th. i am here.....
i may have been lucky.... but i try to create the luck. my full operation ready bike for my RTW trip may be stolen but it only taught me some lesson learn, it did not stop me for the RTW trip.
now... going to the war with only 10 rounds of bullet instead of 60. Are u Ready? some other singaporean go for such RTW trips do not have 10 rounds of bullets but 100 times of mine. some grew up in arsenal and have never finish their bullets in their life.
the amount of bullet i have, shake my confident of the trip. but i still go... thats the part of the advanture i gonna have... to fight the war with this 10 bullets.
i hope i can inspire more fellow singaporean to live their dream.... nothing is impossible.
Singapore: city of possibilities.

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