Tuesday, December 11, 2007

When can i done all my visa???

Today just take back my passport from embassy of Mexico but the valid day is 90 days only....it is start from my application day.What?90 days can i reach Mexico?impossible..!I don't think we can manarge to get there.Whatever this is one of country i need to apply.we were deceided to get a stamp to show other country we are going to north america.

Finally,i get the India's visa on tommorrow. I was waiting 5 days working day for this.Luckly within the proccess time we can go to apply another country.which Pakistan's visa. Many friends ask me"When can you done all the visa?" Actually I don't know.As Malaysian,we need to do all center america's visa and north america. North america 's visa are more hard to get if you have not done your homework.Some country i can't apply too early because of the valid day.hopefully,can be done along the way.I think will be expert for this after this trip.

wrote by:Samantha


pce said...

sincerely hope your dream may come true.

singaporedream said...

thank you pce, we apprciate your wishes.... every body's dream can come true!