Thursday, December 27, 2007

4 days more... counting down.

Xmas was tough... meeting my dearest Nanny and family. i cried when i showed them what have i done last night. i took out all the pictures from my old drawers, gathered all the post cards, greeting cards, birthday cards and All the cards they have sent to me since 1983. all words of encouragement and love, to some one that they are not related with. the family had treated me and my sis as their own children and siblings. i wrote my feelings and appreciation for all these 29years with the pic and postcard they sent me, compiled into a simple folder and tried to present to them. i got hard time writing it not because i do not know what to write but when i start thinking back and write them into the papers, tears flow down like dripping tap in the late night, non stop. 'why would they be so patient to me and loved me like their own blood?'

my tears dried up at 4am, 25dec. went to sleep. woke up at 1pm 25dec and continued writing. when i seriously recall all the events of me and them, the 'dripping tap' start again.

i met up with the family at Tiong Hock's new house. everyone was there... i tried very hard to present the folder to everybody but i couldn't. i broke down and cry.... oh... what a man. a man that is going with his wife round the world on his motorbike is crying because of his Nanny's love?!

Yes... that's me... that's me.... i really appreciate their love all these while. they taught me a lot of things in life, encouraged me and kept me going. i am what i am today partly influenced by them (on the positive side).

i hugged my Nanny with tears in the end and telling her thank you is all i can do.

Love is about giving. when i love someone, u give, not hoping that the person will return the appreciation to u. just pure love, when u give, u just want the receiver to be good and happy.

i did not buy big presents for them nor visit them regularly but their love will always be in my heart. i will keep their love and try to present to the people around me. (not an easy task!)

at about 3pm while i was arranging the folder for Nanny, my God Dad and God Mother arrived at my door step. without fail, when ever i got any big occasions, they would be there, like the heavenly god. to support me and to give me encouragement with advice. my four God sisters are great. they would also join hands and bless me with their sincere heart. they are like my Nanny family. i can feel their heart with blessing. these are the TRUE people around my life.

Thank you and My wife and i will keep u in our heart.

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