Saturday, December 22, 2007

big mess.... giving away... throwing away..

my very 1st key to the gate at aged 9
again with the gate with main door
gate, main door, letter box

gate, main door, letterbox, my 1st yamaha
RXZ 135cc motorbike at aged 17.

my truck key.

another bike key (KTM 640Advanture)

another house key

sis house key

more keys!!

more and more keys...
whole bunch of keys i have own in my life!?!?

keys and more keys! the sign of growing up is that we got more keys to hold. the more keys u have, the more responsibility u have.

but now...

going for the trip, im preparing this simple 3 sets. of bike and box keys.

give away hamster...
giving away my pet hamster... i transpot it with my bike.... usually at home he will be very noisy and kpo in the cage, running the wheel and waking us up in the night... but when he know that we are packing up and giving him away to a friend, that scares him and thro out the journey, he was stiff and still. we did not put him in the box but my wife carry it on the lap when i rode the bike. mayb it was the first time going out of the house and first time on motorbike at such high speed. i wonder if the pet needs a helmet on the bike.

My yellow boots.

im throwing my famous yellow boots. wear it for the last time!

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