Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Some people i want to say thanks!

Ronnie, thanks for your gift.We'll know this card must spended a lot your time to do it and it is very meaningful for us.
Today is my 1st unemployment day also my 1st day to write something on our blog.Yersterday just summited all my work things.At my department, I wants to thanks my colleague expecially like Jlyn, Shir Fan ,Cheng How, Josephine, Jia Tong and.... to help me when I'm faced some problem on work. We were sharing how to handle the shop,how to see the hand writing by salesmen, how to find the shop location,...I had very good superior also like Jeffrey, Ronnie and Eric.They give me their fully support and understanding.Another department I want to thanks is CPS(Muzica, Angie and Carol).I work as a parttimer with them to go consumer' s house install the scanner, but they did't treat me like 'outside people' .Mostly they'll arrange women's consumer or nearest place to me. At here, I hope they all can "happy everyday,everyday is new day" They all will life in my heart and is very unforgotherble. Samantha


jlyn said...

Hi sam & goh,
I just want to said a thounsand thank you to both of you.i really appreciated what you are helping me in this 4 years plus here.
You always give me advices and supports once i faced problems.
Friends are do not always say sorry and thank you.But remember that,i always be here to help or be a listener.Hope both of you will meet your goal as you planning.we all here are waiting you coming back on 2009.Is a must take good care each other.Keep in touch ya.

singaporedream said...

yo jlyn... bring it forward to the next person. dont repay back. we like you to be around.... dun forget to buy guinness when we come back ok? er... izzit rat or mouse?