Friday, December 28, 2007

my seahorse...

had gathering with my seahorses...
got blessing from all of them.. they actually treat me makan and gave me angpao...( red packet with money) to bless me luck.

they are:

andrew loy
alex wong
soon yak
jason wong
alfred lum & wife
vernon lim
khor siang koon
derrick lee
nicky tang
elvis giam
ah seng (AKA wilson chan)
lye weng kit (AKA molat!!!)
chan yong han
yeoh teck meng (dee yah peh)

the $$$ i can survive for quite some time....

the blessing is for this trip.

the friendship is for life.

Personal fund raising:............

im selling this 2 helmet for my personal fund raising.

good condition collectable half cap.... cannot find in singapore.

i am selling at SGD$200.00 each, $350.00 for both.

thank you.


Anonymous said...

Hey's us! So sorry for not being able to make it for your sending off. I'm still feeling very guilty for not being there.
Dun angwee k.

We remem these two helmets! got it from Taiwan during your army exercise.Fond memories!Think we first saw it at your house and Cindy was laughing her head off.

Are the helmets sold? We can buy them over from you as a form of support to make up for the 'guiltiness'.

Btw,that dunno what Paypal donation thing can work one anot? Scarly the money goes elsewhere to another person's account. How?

Desmond Kong & Cindy Lam

Anonymous said...

'Marketed' your blog to fellow bikers in the FJR group.

Am still thinking where else to market :p

Desmond Kong