Sunday, October 26, 2008

1st annivesary for the lost Hope

I would like to take this opportunity for my platoon mate, Adrain Low for his continuous contribution for our round the world trip. He also advertise greatly to his friends about our trip. Thank you Adrain!

Also my biking buddies: Sam Leong, Jiawei n Michelle, Junhua, Patrick, Uncle lim, Ah Siong, Ah Tong and Mike. other than sponsoring me a GPS, they had helped me in many logistic way. this time they gather some money and give it to us as a piece of encouragement. This trip would not be made possibel with a group of trustworthy friends that are willing to backup. Thanks buddies!!!

Just one year ago, 25 October 2007, I had lost my bike, also known as Hope.

Hope was the last new Africa Twin in Singapore and i bought it about 3 years ago to prepare for the trip. I had lots of modification done to him and just on that fatal day, it was stolen in Malaysia, Machap R&R while i was having a meal less than 20 minutes.

I lost my Hope.

I wanted to let everybody in the world to see Hope.

He is gone. Why is Malaysia full of crap and theft?! Its a Hope that money can't buy back.

Till today, i still moan for the lost Hope, even I'm riding on Hope Too. I couldn't get over it.

It has been a year. The Malaysian Police had not given me any news. LTA Singapore sent me a letter last month (after 11 months from the incident) that they are aware of the stolen vehicle reported. There is no news about it. what could be the possiblities?

1) The culprit stole the bike, put down the bike into parts and sell the parts to Singapore, Indonesia or Thailand. Singapore will be the largest market for big bike while Thailand, Indonesia and Malaysia big bikers would be lesser in numbers.
2) Same as idea number 1 but the culprit sold the whole bike off instead of tearing the bike apart.
3) The culprit just wanted to steal the item in my box and ride the bike in the village. Hopefully this is the case as it is very noticable for a big bike to appear in a small village.

On my way back to Singapore along this round the world trip, i would personally go to these places to search for my lost Hope, that include Indonesia.

No body would understand how i feel.
Have you planned for a biggest trip of your life and your bike was stolen before the trip?!

I seek help from fellow Singaporean bikers to keep a look out for me during the 3 nation ride but it seems that i have no reply from any of them. whats the point of the 3 nation ride? to show off? to save the children?
i would rather see the 3 nation ride as a friendship ride and a event to bring bikers group from the 3 nation closer. also able to help one another in times of trouble.

sorry friends. there isn't much adventure during this month after Bolivia. We are enjoying the hospitality of the friends in brazil. We are enjoying life here rather to ride to the extreme to set some stupid records. I do not enjoy the ride with this current bike, also known as Hope Too.

Lets have a minute of silence for my lost Hope before i show you my life in Brazil.

Just rumors for the time being, but it seems that Honda is going to revive Africa Twin project. The picture is just an hypotesis and article says that the bike is ready even thou it will not be shown neither at Intermot nor in EICMA in Milan.Main technical datas are included in the article: motor V-twin 1200 cc, front wheel with 21" rim, rear wheel 18" (sounds good for enduro). Weight is expected to be quite low, with steel frame with components in alluminium alloy.Let's wait and hope.

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Dear Goh n Sam,
I have been following yr RTW tour in details. First, I am so very sorry about Hope and much more sad to say that as a Malaysian I have been "kena tampar" by you. But I understand yr feeling and you have the right to say what you have said. No hard feeling Brother. Second, I am very proud of you both to have reach this far and I "tabik you". You have inspired very much for me to do what you are doing now.Soon I hope.
For now, ride safe and stay healthy. Will stay in touch. Amzah, riding Kawasaki KLR 650 n BMW R1100RS (KL, Malaysia)