Wednesday, October 22, 2008

More pictures to come!

At Felipe's farm. we enjoy the sheeps, dog and grass!

one of the process to 'bake' the coffee beans. not using gas but natural wood to heat up the stove. this man opened the oven which is more than 200 degrees celcius and he threw a log into it to maintain the tempreture.

first time creating a pizza at a friend's new home, baking the pizza with the traditional way.

again, we were invited to a high school for presentation of our trip. the students were nice and crazy, just like me when i was their age. how i wished that i was not the one standing in front but the one sitting and shouting. they are real nice to be with. after the presentation, its the end of the school session for them. some left but many stayed behind and took picture with me. i hope i can help them relize their dream.

guess what, this boy with the brown t-shirt, he asked me where i came from. i told him 'Cingapura'.
i asked him: 'do u know where is Cingapura?'
he is looking so close to the map, pointing his finger around it for 2 minutes.
then he replied: ' is it asia? '
i said yes.
he zoomed closer and move his fingers around the map hoping to see a big piece of land that is written with 'Cingapura' until Felipe hinted him. he was really happy to find it but was surprised when he could only see the word 'Cingapura' and couldn't figure out where is that country.

Felipe's mother (left) and mother-in-law

to all friends around the world, please save your family and yourself:

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A person gambles longer than planned
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A person has used their income or savings to gamble while letting bills go unpaid
A person has been unsuccessful in their attempts to stop gambling
A person borrows money to finance their gambling
A person breaks the law, or considers breaking the law to finance their gambling
A person feels depressed or suicidal because of gambling losses
A person feels remorseful after gambling
A person gambles to obtain money to meet their financial obligations
According to psychiatric professionals, if a person suffers from five or more of these symptoms they may be suffering from a gambling problem.

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