Friday, October 3, 2008

intresting brazilian landscape products

wood deckingswood decking with plastic module fix at the bottom. allowing to fix with other pieces of deckings.curly cactus?aloe vera with thorns??another picture of 'curly cactus'.Brazilian pine bark. the workers in the pine forest uses hand to scrape off the bark from the tree.the pine bark in 60 liters packet. cheaper than the australian ones.

we are invited by Simone's brother to his son's birthday.

Simone's family.
the local newspaper reporter interviewed us.
Hope Too spoke was broken. can't move now. the battary was faulty now. luckily we are stationed at Simone's house. Waiting for help.

a typical brazilian style of serving food. the waiter come with the roasted meat and cut on our plate.

we went to a mobile market.
the mobile market changes location everyday.


this year, Brazil celebrates 100 years of history for Japanese immigrants. Lots of Japanese migrated to Brazil for agriculture work during that time. Thus, other than the Negro looking, european looking, native looking, Brazil also has asian looking people. i think brazil has the most type of people all over the world. years passed and the races married to each other and has mixed look.

all of them speak portuguese. the younger generation has lost contact with their motherland thus they had not learned their mother tongue. we felt 'camoflaged' in brazil because we looked like the japanese community here.

due to the many type of faces of people in brazil, the passport of Brazil has made valuable to the black market.

this coming sunday is Sao Paulo election. wao... they are very advanced. the candidates has 'advertisment' thro television. i believe they are the first in the world to use electronic voting system. unlike singapore, the candidates had to set up a 'stage' to give speech to the public in the open field, like 'ge-tai'. singapore is still sticking to the paper style of voting.

Lina! Simone's mother in law from Italy.

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