Sunday, October 5, 2008

ugly singaporeans, the world is reading this now.

refer to the news above, in my very personal opinion, i could feel... feel the goods and bads.

those resident at serangoon garden, singapore, that complaint about this issue now felt:
1) UNSAFE. Because...
a)they think that foreign workers bring problem to the society.
b)they think that foreign workers are dirty and low class.
c)they think that buy having a dorm at the area, it had brought down the property value of their houses. making serangoon garden a low class place to stay.

so, some leaders from the area had survey the project, ensuring the resident that most of the workers come from the manufacturing industry, instead of construction. so high percent is female. WHAT DOES THIS MEANS???!!! does it means more male construction foreign workers would create fear to the resident?!

BUT, the building of the dorm in Serangoon Gardens will make some business bloom! example, food stalls, provision shop and transportations.

why do we still have a kind of 'racist' towards foreign workers?

hey, there are many singaporeans working overseas like in Australia. i agree that those singaporean working in australia is mostly professionals but do u know some of the aussies hate chinese there? does that means that the resident in australia must move the singaporeans away were we are foreign workers?

i felt that singaporeans had a different look towards dark looking construction workers. u can imagine how is it like when a few workers gather under a void deck having a chat then someone walked pass and lodge a complaint to the police, fearing that they will create trouble. can u imagine we have traveled to their country and how i feel?

for those that think that dark looking construction workers in singapore will create fear in your life, GET LOST!!! you should travel to their country. are you sick or you have some dieases that looking at them makes you scared, thinking that they will rape you or rob you? they are just like me, born by a mother, have blood and soul. give a thought: how many % of crime is done by the dark looking workers as compared to the % of singaporeans. touch your heart when answering that or are you just worried about the value and statues of your property?

'oh, you are staying at the XYZ estate? where the foreign workers also stayed there?'

do you know that they need to pay the blood sucking agent lots of $ to come singapore to work? then if there is no work in singapore they are in debt. some employers treat them good, some treat them bad but what about the society in singapore? how do we look at them? your new houses, your new garden, your new road and ,,..... without them who is going to do this? do you expect a singaporean, averaging educated, would sweat in the sun, wearing dirty clothings and do life theatening job? they are life! they must be respected. the news report i that i have viewed really make me sick!

sorry if you feel the opposite.

our house maid, came from indonesia, came from philipines, they had family. they had sick mother and father too but why are they selling their time to take care of our family? why?

many think that... oh... these worker come to singapore, worked for a few years and when they go back to their country and they will be like a king. come on... wake up! times are different. check it out how much they have to pay for the debt. check out how 'home sick' are they. check out all! if a singaporean goes to england to work, earning english pound and the people says: when this guy go back singapore, he will be like a king... how will you feel???


they are like you and me. they didn't have a choice. not everybody have determination and faith can do what they want. like if im born in a poor country, even i have determination and faith, i don't think i can ride the world. i'm just lucky, lucky to be borned in singapore. i have the choice to do what i wanted to do.

dear friends, lets not be sick like those singaporeans that i have mention. if you do not like what i have said, i'm sorry. i'm frank. i do not write anything on the blog just to make you happy.

do you know that singapore is still backwards? we still have to fill in the column about what race we belong to. are we racist? some of the country that we have traveled, when they are applying for job, the company leave out the name and race for the application form.


we, the citizen of singapore. pledge ourselves be one united nation. REGARDLESS OF RACE, LANGUAGE OR RELIGEN, to built a democratic society, base on justise and equality. so as to achive happiness, prosperity and progress for our nation!

note... fellow singaporeans. lets stick to this, the pledge that we always put our right fist on the chest and everymorning we input in our mind. my spelling may not be correct but i know what am i typing. stop acting like a '1st class' citizen. we are still not 1st in the world. F1 doesn't mean anything for us to the world. we are like morocco (africa), did the race on the street. knowing to speak english doesn't mean you are educated, high class or you can travel the world by speaking english. wake up my dear, wake up.

i hate those singaporean that travel to malaysia, feeling that malaysia is dirty, malaysia is a lower class place than singapore. i hate it.

now the world is reading this blog, i hope to make singapore proud.

thank you for your time.


im2saxy said...

wah seh, ah-goh so hotplate ahh..? chk out another s'pore short story here:

click on im2saxy (view blog) LOL

Atticus said...

I pretty much share your sentiments. Some Singaporeans (probably a minority) are getting too xenophobic. I feel we should learn to get along with foreign workers. I chatted with a Chinese national the other day. He was lamenting the treatment of Singaporeans towards him and how his dormitories didn't even have a refrigerator. No surprises that he's going back to China after his contract is finished in 6 months time. And no, he didn't managed to save enough to buy a house back home or open a business. In fact, he said the extra bit of money wasn't worth the trouble.

Btw, your Singapore pledge got spelling errors loh.

We, the citizens of Singapore,
pledge ourselves as one united people,
regardless of race, language or religion,
to build a democratic society
based on justice and equality
so as to achieve happiness, prosperity and
progress for our nation.

singaporedream said...

hi Im2saxy. i think i know who u are... miss my blackie jokes? yes i joke about them but i respect them as a foreigner in singapore and as a human. they should be treated equally.

singaporedream said...

atticus: long time no see u!
thank you for correcting my singapore pledge. some how it is that meaning. im proud of that chinese nation that u talked to decided to go back homeland. i have known of personally, many foreign labourers came here and had debt to pay. home sick. different culture. food difference. language barrier. but we need them! hope the government and the society would do something about it. those that feel that they are low class, should be sent to their country to work for a year.

Anonymous said...

Goh & Sam,

Go conquer the world!!!!
I am Malaysian, and Malay. Agree with most of your opinion about local looking down to foreigners. It is blatant in Malaysia too.

regards from rusnan

singaporedream said...

hi Rusnan.
thanks for the greeting, we just going on a long holiday trip. we are very curious about how u get to know about our blogpage. are you a biker also? how do you feel about the foreign workers in malaysia? i heard there are many illegal indonesia workers in malaysia causing social issue. how do u grade about that?

Nan'ad said...

Goh & Sam,

I am not a biker, but an enthusiast, been reading a lot of adventure rider ride reports, stumbled upon yours. Reminds me of and old buddy who attempted to ride Europe and Africa on his GS, alas he could only managed Europe....and coincidentally he suffered and succumbed to heart attack couple of years back.

Old habits die hard, I do get the uneasy feeling surrounded by foreign workers, yet I have an Indonesian maid living under the same roof, and I cannot imagine life without her in our household. I suppose as long as we respect another human being as such, we can get along alright. There are bad hats everywhere.

Good luck and stay safe.

regards from Rusnan

singaporedream said...

hi Rusnan, what is your buddy's name? how could we not known of him? he must have been a pioneer in the biking world.

i definatly agree on ur feelings towards the foreign workers. i had the same too but keep it in heart. we would respect each other as a human.

Nan'ad said...

Suhaimi Joleman (1965 - 2006)

singaporedream said...

yes. che mat. indeed a history that all biker should remeber. how is his wife now?

Anonymous said...

last I heard she is still trying to assimilate to the daily rigours....


Anonymous said...

It has been close to 6years after you posted this piece. It still brings tears to my eyes whenever I read. I totally agreed with you, we should respect everyone and treat them as equal. And we can't "talk cock" just because we are more fortunate to be born in an environment that present us with opportunity, better environment.

Yes and also think about Singaporeans who study and work overseas? Do we like it if citizen from other countries hate Singaporeans because they feel we are of different race?

I admire your strength of making this trip happened.
And admire you for being able to learn from your trip.
Many people are well traveled but learned nothing back from the trip.